Pro-life video of the day: Megan Fox talks motherhood on Jay Leno

by LauraLoo

I knew next to nothing about actress Megan Fox before this interview.

“She’s a ditz!” I thought at first. But halfway through, I realized Megan has a great sense of humor.

I’m sure Megan is a very interesting mommy, and I’m a new fan.

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3 thoughts on “Pro-life video of the day: Megan Fox talks motherhood on Jay Leno”

  1. Yeah, she’s pretty funny. It’s just that she’s a terrible actress lol. I can’t stand her in movies.


  2. Yeah Jack, I know she was in the first two Transformers movies but I didn’t see them. She’s mostly known for being one of the “hottest” actresses. She seems nice enough. I just couldn’t help thinking about how affably Jay discusses her pregnancy, and yet how many pro-choice fundraisers has he attended (though mostly at his wife’s insistence, no doubt)?


  3. Ditzy?

    What would you call putting an ad for a ‘christian ‘charity,” that encourages ‘fertility reduction’, in the poor they ‘serve globally’ on a pro-life blog/ website?

    Oh, thanks FH for complying with your USAID sponsorship standards for receiving grants!

    Agenda21 is gaining steam and I wish more Christians were on to them-but infiltrating Christian Charity organizations is defined as one of their tactics for population reduction and I just think it’s important to stay up to date on the tactics of the opposition.
    Here is one way-get to the church’s before they do!


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