by LauraLoo

Screen-Shot-2013-01-29-at-2.15.28-PMReported by Kristi Burton Brown at Live Action:

What’s odd about the video itself is that, other than small snippets of voice-over about abortion and women, there’s no real connection between the women featured and the choice of abortion. Instead, the video is rather flippant, attempting to portray “choice” as something really easy, common, and rather everyday. I mean, it’s pretty common for women to change their hairstyles and get their hair cut. (It seems the majority of women in this video are playing with or changing their hair in some way.)

Other women are featured blowing bubble gum, painting their faces, wearing head and face coverings, and exercising. None of these things are life-threatening choices. None of these things interfere with another innocent life. None of these things even affect another life, much less take it.

NARAL’s “celebration” of Roe v. Wade is senseless, bizarre, flippant, and just plain odd. Trying to feature happy women making everyday choices and relating that to the heinous tragedy of abortion is evidence of desperation and deception.

And here it is, “40 Photographers Faces, 40 Years of Choice”….


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[Screen shot via Live Action News]

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