by LauraLoo

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly took on two issues this week that he argues are part of an overarching acceptance of our nation’s nanny state, contributing to its rapidly moral decline. One of those issues is New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s push for zero restrictions on abortion in the state – up until birth.

O’Reilly told Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain that these are clear signs the United States is becoming a “barbaric” nation, even suggesting that Cuomo himself might be a “barbarian.”

Powers and O’Reilly went after the media for irresponsible coverage of Cuomo’s proposal, with O’Reilly calling the New York Times “zealots” for not informing people exactly what a late-term abortion entails. Obenshain added that President Obama has “refused to stand up for those children”:

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(Here’s a bonus clip with O’Reilly sparring against Bob Beckel, who seems to think our nation is in a much better place than 60 years ago, and that O’Reilly has antiquated notions.)

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