Pro-life vid of day: Husband’s devotion to wife with Alzheimer’s

by LauraLoo

Are marriage vows as meaningful as they used to be?  The answer is “yes” if you are Bill, who epitomizes devotion and sacrifice as he cares daily for the needs of his bride Glad (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s), whom he wed over 50 years ago.

This sweet couple is a testimony to what true love is.

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7 thoughts on “Pro-life vid of day: Husband’s devotion to wife with Alzheimer’s”

  1. There is an elderly couple at the gym I exercise in. He does a piece of equipment and she stands and watches him and then he watches as she does it. I thought well this is too much togetherness for me why don’t they just do their own exercises. Then I saw that he took her in the men’s bathroom. Someone explained it to me. She has Alzheimer’s  and must  be cared for at all times. How precious


  2. That’s nice & all, but realistically it’s not all rainbows & unicorns. As a home health aide/caregiver in private homes, I’ve seen the primary caregiving spouse get burned out & become abusive out of frustration, the battles over bathtime & toiling, the struggles & worries to make ends meet, etc. There should also be a focus on the self-sacrifice these individuals & their children make, & a greater appreciation for the trials & tribulations they face.


  3. Hi Ladybug,

    I didn’t watch this and think it was all rainbows and unicorns.

    I cried tears of joy over a husband’s devotion and love for his wife…..come what may.

    The tiara on the bike helmet and the special bike for her?  True love.  It speaks of his unconditional love for his wife of 50 years and I am so glad this video was made to CELEBRATE that love!

    God bless them.


  4. “because God has loved us unconditionally…”
    That says it all doesn’t it?
    Man I’m crying now, I feel so blessed to been given a love like this too, may God grant us many decades together, no matter the cost.


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