2013-04-09_1139JLS update 12:53p: Pro-life investigator Lynn Mills has just notified me of a new malpractice lawsuit filed against abortionist Kalo on January 13.

It is a bizarre read. In July 2011, Kalo told a mother in the process of getting an abortion that he had to stop, because a suction tube broke off inside her uterus and he couldn’t get it out. He wrote her a prescription and told her to drive to the emergency room at Hutzel Hospital in Detroit rather than a hospital closer to his mill in West Bloomfield. The ER doctor couldn’t get the instrument out either, and the mother had to have it surgically removed. It turns out the tube was embedded in her uterine wall. She’s now suing for $25,000.

You can’t make this stuff up. Back to the video of the day…

by Hans Johnson

After a visit to church in east Detroit on Good Friday, Lynn Mills stopped by an abortion clinic. While chatting with a pro-life counselor he pointed out abortionist Jacob Kalo. Upon approaching him, he made a grab at her camera, but then drove off.

But he soon returned and began taping her:

I felt he wanted to lecture me as you can see from the video. I let him talk but I ask the very important questions. I lead him in conversation. My goal was not so much to get a debate, but to get him to answer certain questions.

Hear him justify his practice by, among other things, his diagnosing health problems of some patients who come in for abortions. So, it’s all right to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” so long as the mother gets a little cleaner, he might say.


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[HT: Lynn Mills]

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