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  • Secular Pro-Life proposes the idea that there are only three reasons why women seek abortions: ignorance, coercion, and health concerns.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life reports the disturbing fact that one-third of the state’s abortions are taxpayer-funded.
  • Christina at RealChoice analyzes the new Live Action video featuring abortionist LeRoy Carhart, expressing surprise at her own feelings of shock when she viewed the footage. She also describes the reasons why Carhart may have likened the aborted child to “meat in a crock pot.”


  • Right to Life Michigan shares happy news: a mentally disabled pregnant woman from Nevada who was potentially facing a forced abortion has given birth to a daughter, Cierra Marie (pictured left). An adoptive family has been found for her. RTL MI says, “pro-lifers from across the country created a backlash may have played a role in preventing a forced abortion and saving a life.”
  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Dr. Jacqueline Harvey says the findings of a new Danish study on the abortion-breast cancer link are not to be trusted:

    [Christina] Braüner’s team studied a very limited segment of the population and misrepresented their findings. They stated they “did not find evidence of an adverse effect of induced abortion on breast cancer risk in parous (childbearing) older women overall….” But they didn’t look at parous women overall. They underestimated the risk of abortion by recruiting only women ages 50-65 and excluding all women already diagnosed with cancer. Pre-menopausal women were excluded, as were childless women, although there was no legitimate justification for it.

  • Wesley J. Smith reports on a bioethicist who believes that “since fetuses and newborns can’t think, they essentially have a lower moral status than a “normal adult human being.” Smith points out:

    Please understand, this kind of discussion… seeks directly to change the morality of society and the public policies that flow therefrom. That’s what happened with eugenics, abortion, and license to dehydrate the cognitively impaired. If we are to prevent this next step – infanticide, and treating so-called human “non-persons” as natural resources – notice must be taken.


  • At Pro-Life New Mexico, Tara Shaver points out that in New Mexico, Gosnell-like late-term abortion practices are going on every day at Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque:

    An eyewitness saw… abortionist Shelly Sella [featured favorably in the movie After Tiller] stab a baby to death after the baby was born alive during an abortion….

    Horrific abortion injuries in New Mexico have been documented beginning in 2008…. Complaints were filed with the NM Medical Board regarding 11 abortion injuries at Southwestern Women’s Options….

    Abortion clinics in Albuquerque are never inspected by the Department of Health. These “clinics” are exempt from the Ambulatory Surgical Center classification and therefore abortionists do whatever they want under no scrutiny or accountability.

  • Albert Mohler points out the anti-parental involvement mindset that seems to be driving public policy on matters of children and sexuality:

    … [M]arginalizing parents is one of the major aims of those who would educate our teenagers and children about sex, sexuality, and abortion. On May 8, Newsday reported that New York City public health officials are releasing a smartphone app for teenagers that will help them “locate free clinics that can answer questions about sex, prescribe birth control, test for sexually transmitted diseases, or even provide an abortion.” …

    On its welcome screen, the app declares: “Teens in NYC have the right to sexual health services without getting permission from parents, girlfriend/boyfriends or anyone else.”

    These “health authorities” are explicitly and proudly undermining parental authority and the rights of parents to be involved in the most important issues faced by their teenagers.

    But, keep in mind that the new sexual revolutionaries see parents as repressive factors to be removed and marginalized so that the nation’s adolescents can be fully liberated to experiment with sex.

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