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Along with other Democrats recently voicing their approval on abortion-related topics, Chelsea Clinton recently lamented that her great-grandparents, who conceived her grandmother in an unplanned, unwed pregnancy, did not have access to “crucial” Planned Parenthood services.

So what is Chelsea saying? Is she in one sense wishing away her beloved grandmother, thereby wishing away her mother and herself? Is she, like some PP supporters including President Obama, using family members in an extremely awkward fashion to pander to pro-choicers and Planned Parenthood?

Hot Air notes:

It’s one thing to support family planning while being glad on some level that a distant ancestor couldn’t plan you into oblivion and another to pander to Planned Parenthood in the same breath that you’re talking about what an inspiration your grandmother, who otherwise wouldn’t have existed, was to you. It’s like getting your mom a Mother’s Day card that ends with “Sorry your parents didn’t have a choice whether to have you.” Um, happy Mother’s Day.

The whole video is worth watching, but relevant remarks begin around 18:50. Your thoughts?

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