dee-dee-638x461by Laura Loo

In an effort to persuade younger generations to become legal abortion advocates, the Center for Reproductive Rights released its latest public service announcement featuring Tony and Grammy Award-winning actress and singer Dee Dee Bridgewater.

While strongly in favor of abortion, Dee Dee still “want[s] to cry” when she recalls her illegal abortion experience from nearly half a century ago. At that time, she would have been approximately 18 years old.

As reported in The Huffington Post:

It was 1968. And I found myself in a situation where I had to have an abortion,” Bridgewater recalled. “I had a girlfriend who had a friend who was a nurse. And she said that she would give me the abortion. I had to meet her in a hotel room.

I remember being very humiliated, to the point that today, I haven’t thought about this for years. Thinking about it makes me want to cry.


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