2014-03-14_1229by Laura Loo

Last week MSNBC reporter Irin Carmon paid a visit on behalf of the Melissa Harris-Perry show to “the rebels of the anti-abortion movement,” Abolish Human Abortion, members of which were protesting outside a high school in Norman, Oklahoma.

Carmon reported in a written piece:

AHA activists disdain the phrase “pro-life” altogether. They prefer “abolitionists,” with all slavery comparisons explicitly intended, and they want to push the larger movement to abide by their uncompromising positions. That means moving away from the incremental strategy – 20 week bans, admitting privileges laws for clinics – and sticking to banning all abortion without exceptions, equating hormonal birth control (even the daily pill kind) with abortion, and advocating that women who have abortions be tried as murderers. That sort of unblinking absolutism in the face of the messiness of real life decision-making may be what has drawn nearly 34,000 people to like their Facebook page.

In February, Abolish Human Abortion decided it wasn’t enough to confront people outside abortion clinics. They have been taking their struggle to what they called “the front lines” – high schools, with arresting, graphic novel-style materials to go with them. Across the country, at dozens of high schools, self-styled abolitionists are stopping teenagers in front of their schools….

They don’t care who they offend. They aren’t interested in a political or legal strategy; they reserve their deepest scorn for the incrementalists who have crafted a step-by-step plan to overturn Roe v. Wade. As far as AHA is concerned, those guys are sellouts. But in the end, there isn’t so much that the mainstream movement and Abolish Human Abortion disagree on besides tactics.


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