post-abortive help for post-abortion suffering

by Kelli

From the Family Life Council comes a video which cements the idea that “there is something more painful than giving birth to a child.”

According to FLC:

The spot is an adaptation of the original spot in Spanish, produced by Proyecto Esperanza, a Latin American post-abortion help organization headquartered in Santiago, Chile. It aired on national TV in Chile during a Proyecto Esperanza media campaign a number of years ago. Response was excellent, with many women (and some men) calling for more information, and to request help with post-abortion healing. Proyecto Esperanza leaders Elizabeth Bunster and Adriana Avendaño are excited to be able to share their very successful video with abortion recovery efforts in other countries.

YouTube Preview Image

If you need healing from a past abortion, please contact any of the following organizations mentioned at the end of the video:

Rachel’s Vineyard
Project Rachel
National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing
National Helpline for Abortion Recovery
Abortion Recovery Care Center
Men and Abortion Network

[Sculpture entitled Memorial for Unborn Children by Martin Hudáček; click to enlarge poster]