by Hans Johnson

MSNBC’S Andrea Mitchell, her reporting days long behind her, commented that the majorities in recent Supreme Court rulings had “small minds.” The reason? Because in the Hobby Lobby case, it was ruled that employees would have to search for alternative means to pay for four of 20 birth control methods. In the Wheaton College decision a few days later, the Court granted a preliminary injunction against compelling the college to act as a go-between – in effect having to issue a “permission slip” to the government so it can subsidize the employee’s birth control.

This confused Mitchell and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards as they commiserated over the “denial of access” to birth control. (There is also a denial of access to a new car and a vacation in the Bahamas, according to this logic.) But in reality, there is no inconsistency.

From Newsbusters:

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