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From Live Action News comes the story of Timmy Bannon, who, like his mother Linda, was born with a condition known as Holt-Oram syndrome, which can cause heart abnormalities along with skeletal abnormalities in the hands and arms.

The Bannons knew there was a chance their son would be born with this syndrome, but they wanted a child – not a perfect child – their child. And they welcomed him:

Linda shares that abortion was suggested to her and Richard as an option for Timmy….

Perhaps it was strange for Linda to hear a doctor suggest that she might want to kill her baby boy who was just like her. Linda leads a happy and fulfilled life, and she personally knows that a lack of arms does not stop a person from being a very loved individual with a wonderful life….

The Bannons wanted “a baby.” They did not expect “a perfect baby” who was required to be 100% perfect in the eyes of the world. Instead, they expected that their baby, no matter his disabilities, would be loved.

And what does Timmy have to say about his life?

“I’m just like the other kids. Just like ‘em. And I’ll be like just like them every time of my life.”


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