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Sidewalk Advocates for Life is a new sidewalk counseling organization which meets women on the “front lines” of the abortion issue – at the abortion facilities. Their goal is to train pro-lifers to peacefully reach out to abortion-vulnerable women in their own communities throughout the year, after the 40 Days for Life campaigns have ended.

Lauren Muzyka, executive director of SAFL, writes:

We take a very woman-oriented approach to Sidewalk Advocacy, believing that one cannot save preborn children without also helping their mothers and families.

Even though we just launched April 1, we already have 42 sidewalk counseling locations – 40 in the United States, 1 in Canada and 1 in Romania. And the results in such a short period of time are even more amazing – since we started, we’ve seen 228 babies saved along with 47 “hopefuls” (those who left to “think about it”). Four abortion workers have left and business has plummeted at several locations.

Watch this video of Lizanne, a woman directly impacted by this ministry:


Lauren (pictured below, right) is also a licensed attorney and has been a sidewalk counselor for 15 years. She continues:

I ended up in grassroots pro-life work and used to work for the 40 Days for Life National Team. In fact, many members of our staff and Board of Directors are graduates of Ave Maria School of Law — very fitting considering the possible legal challenges that sidewalk counselors and prayer volunteers may face as they exercise their First Amendment rights.


We equip the Sidewalk Advocate to reach out to those who might be entering the abortion or abortion-referral facility for services other than abortion, admonishing them to think about where their money is going; then, we teach them to fill that need with another local resource that doesn’t support the abortion business. We also equip one to serve in unusual situations, such as when the mother says she was raped or her life is in danger; similarly, we teach participants how to most effectively reach out to abortion workers and post-abortive women. Besides this, we provide a variety of real-life examples in the training and offer full time staff support so participants can be as effective as possible.

You can bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to your community by applying here.

Email with your video suggestions.

[Photos via SAFL]

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