TXprotestby Hans Johnson

During a week of demonstrations in San Antonio, Texas, Created Equal used pro-life displays on the campus of Texas State University. They were accompanied by an angry “Greek chorus” of pro-choice counter-protesters, carrying signs covered with various slogans (including ones stating, “We’re not with them,” just to eliminate any apparent confusion).

In the photo to the right (click to enlarge) it’s hard to tell which is more bizarre: the wide grin of the woman near a picture of dead baby carnage, or (just to the right of the woman with long black hair) a cut-out of Beyonce!

The loud chants only drew a much larger crowd to linger and see the photographic evidence for themselves… all while the pro-choicers claimed the photos were “fake” (and continue to perpetuate that claim on CE’s Facebook page)….


Created Equal has posted its first video in response to one of the pro-choice chants.

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[HT: Mark Harrington]

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