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The new short film, Mitosis, by 18-year-old director Hannah Victoria (pictured right), aims to show the value and potential of every human life. From Live Action News:

It may seem that the choices we make for ourselves will affect us and us alone, but it simply isn’t true. There is always a ripple effect, whether small or large.

Mitosis tells the story of a young doctor, who after making a promise to a childhood friend, sets out to find a cure for cancer. The film, from Victoria’s company Expressionistic Studios, was released on YouTube this week and promises to shine a light on the magnitude of damage each and every abortion could have on the world.

While some may take issue with the film’s pro-life apologetics, the director says she has received a great deal of positive response:

It is amazing to see the impact it is having just in the few days it has been released…. I’ve gotten e-mails from people who have had multiple abortions, people who want to thank me for making a film about what their baby could have done, and pro-life supporters who are excited to have this tool to show to those who need to see the message!


What are your thoughts on Hannah Victoria’s pro-life short film?

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