createdequalby Kelli

Created Equal continues to show us, in video form, ways we can engage people on the topic of abortion. In their latest, they speak to a high school student who says he doesn’t “have much of a problem” with abortion. CE writes:

The student is quick to admit that human fetuses are living, but runs through several reasons why they don’t count as one of us — their lack of self-awareness, their age, their development. After our team works him through each objection, he begins to see through the “pro-choice” arguments on his own. After starting to put forward one final objection, he cuts it off himself, saying, “No, no, nevermind. I already can see the argument against my logic there in that one.”

Our task is not only to convince students that abortion is wrong, but also to help them learn how to think about these critical topics of humanity and equality so that they can see through the snares of abortion advocacy:


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