by Hans Johnson

Isaac Nolting, 12, often played at the pool in Washington, Missouri, when it was remarked how much he looked and acted like 13-year-old Dakotah Zimmer, who was a friend of a friend. That night, Isaac asked his mother Dawn if he had a brother. Through many tears, she admitted that he was adopted and did have a brother. She had been planning on telling him soon because they were set to attend the same school.

She met his teenaged biological mother when he was a newborn, overwhelmed already with the one-year-old Dakotah. Dawn offered to take him in, and when months later his mother became pregnant with the boys’ sister Ashley, the adoption became finalized.

When both the biological parents died, Isaac’s older brother and younger sister were raised by grandmother Debi Bay. Having lived only twenty minutes apart, the siblings are now closer than ever.

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