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The Blaze shares the story of a pro-choice man who gave an interview at Ottawa’s March for Life this past week – and seemed to very quickly regret it:

The man, identified only as Alex, later reportedly sent an email to [interviewer Marissa Semkiw] asking that none of his responses be used in any videos or broadcasts. Rebel Media declined his request.

During the interview, Semkiw explained that some pro-life advocates would like to see abortion criminalized “up to a certain point,” not banned entirely. She then asked him if it would be OK to abort a baby one month before he or she was born.

Alex first said it’s “understandable” to want to ban abortions after eight months, but quickly reiterated that the choice should be left to a woman and her doctor “no matter what.”

“How about a week?” Semkiw asked.

“That’s her decision again,” he replied.

“How about a day?” she pressed.

“Also her decision,” Alex said. “It’s not for me or any member of Parliament or religious organization to tell her otherwise.”

“How about post-natal abortion?” Semkiw asked, running out of scenarios.

“If that’s the option then that’s the option,” the man answered. “I’m not advocating for murder of any kind — again, it’s not my choice.”


Oops, did he say “child”? Hmm….

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