operationrescue3by Hans Johnson

Despite the  frustration of many on the pro-life side, statistics show a decided and steady drop in the number of abortions since 2010 – a 12% average nationwide.

While pro-choice advocates will point to better access to birth control (while decrying its unavailability at the same time) as an explanation, they also focus on the two states that showed an increase in abortions. They say that women are fleeing to Louisiana and Michigan because of tighter restrictions in neighboring states.  But New York has shown a 15.2% drop, and, as the AP reports:

Five of the six states with the biggest declines — Hawaii at 30 percent, New Mexico at 24 percent, Nevada and Rhode Island at 22 percent, Connecticut at 21 percent — have passed no recent laws to restrict abortion clinics or providers.


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(Image from Operation Rescue)

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