by Hans Johnson

While mortality rates for childhood cancers have steadily dropped, damage to organs has posed health problems on its own later on – often resulting in fatalities. So in the 1990s a different approach came into favor: a more targeted use of radiation, as well as a scaling back of chemotheropy with less harsh drugs.

A new long-term study of 34,ooo patients has just been released which shows no setback in the forward progress of survivability, as well as fewer heart and lung complications. No one is more pleased than Marsha Stringer of Huntsville, Texas. Her two sons were both diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia –Garrett at the age of seven, and his younger brother Gatlin when he was only three. They are now 20 and 14 and doing fantastically well, as seen in this video from the AP:


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[HT: TheBlaze]

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