by Carder

ebola virusWhat do abortion and Ebola have in common (aside from making [Texas Department of Health Commissioner] David Lakey’s life miserable this week)?

Both the new restrictions on abortion facilities in Texas and the government intervention to manage the Ebola threat are potent reminders of why expectations that our lawmakers and leaders will protect public health and safety should always be matched with a healthy dose of skepticism…. 

Perhaps ironically, this is one point on which people from the extreme left and the extreme right can agree.

At the end of this week, you are still more likely to get an abortion in Texas than you are to get quarantined in Texas. Some people on the left think that the state is dangerous when it limits abortions. Some people on the right think that the state is most dangerous when it seizes power during public health threats. Both sides are a little bit crazy. Yet, both sides are right to question government action. If nothing else emerges from a really bad week in Texas, a healthy shared skepticism may be the best result there is.

~ Tamara Tabo, Above the Law, October 3

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