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EXCLUSIVE emails: J.J. Redick badgered girlfriend after abortion, used racial slurs

2013-07-24_1145-e1374684357965In July 2013 MediaTakeOut.com broke the story that basketball star J.J. Redick had initiated an “abortion contract” with then girlfriend Vanessa Lopez to abort their baby.

The contract stated the couple would attempt to ”maintain a social and/or dating relationship” for one year after the abortion, and if Redick reneged he would pay Lopez $25,000.

J. J. Redick takes the low road


There was no easy road for J. J. Redick to take following revelations this week of an abortion contract he and his handlers concocted in 2007 for pregnant girlfriend Vanessa Lopez.

But there was a high road. Alas, Redick chose the low road.  From his Twitter account last night

BREAKING: Documents show NBA player coerced pregnant girlfriend to abort


Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com released an abortion contract dating back to 2007 between NBA player J. J. Redick and then-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez.

I’ve had this and other documents related to that abortion for the better part of two weeks but out of concern for Vanessa wanted to make contact with her before going public.


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