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Planned Parenthood down to 666 clinics


Can you say, “Satan”?

Wow, headlines like that only come along once a year.

In this case there was another headline almost as good: “Planned Parenthood now has fewer abortion clinics than the year Roe was decided.”

And a third headline, not so good: “Planned Parenthood now operates over 45% of all U.S. abortion clinics.”

American Life League has just issued its “2014 report on Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States,” with some interesting finds:

Planned Parenthood targets college students: 79% within 5 miles of a university

by Ashleigh Weaver, Pregnancy on Campus Coordinator
Students for Life of America

Last semester I spent a lot of time working on the study, “Abortion Facilities Target College Students,” in essence to prove what we know: Planned Parenthood and independent abortion facilities target college students.


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