by Ashleigh Weaver, Pregnancy on Campus Coordinator
Students for Life of America

Last semester I spent a lot of time working on the study, “Abortion Facilities Target College Students,” in essence to prove what we know: Planned Parenthood and independent abortion facilities target college students.

The Daily Caller just published a story on the study, which is located on our website.

Main findings

This study first looked at Life Dynamics’ study showing that most abortion facilities are located in racially disproportionate areas. We then examined all the zip codes (499) of the approximately 3,000 that were not located in disproportionately high racial areas to determine two things:  if they had a university located within the zip code, and if there was a university located within five miles of the abortion facility. Out of these 499 zip codes: 72%  of the facilities were located within 5 miles of a university….

The study then looked at all the Planned Parenthoods in the U.S. to make the same determination: how many universities were within the zip code of a PP and within 5 miles of a PP. Of the estimated 780 Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States, 615 of them, or 79%, are within 5 miles of a university. 46% of PPs are within the same zip code of a university….

By comparison, of a sample of 100 randomly selected zip codes, only 25% are located within 5 miles of a university.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, approximately 46% of abortions in America are performed on college-aged women. Women aged 18-29 are overrepresented among abortion patients. Those in their early 20s had the highest abortion index, and the highest relative abortion rate, of any age-group (“Characteristics of U.S. Abortion Patients, 2008”).

In the 1995 CDC study on College Health Risk Behavior, 35.1% of college students reported they had been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant.  According to that same study, approximately 79.5% of college students (aged 18-24) have reported to have had sexual intercourse. Out of that 79.5 %, approximately 2.2% have gotten pregnant.

If there are 8,100 students on any given campus, with almost 80% engaging in sexual intercourse and 2.2% getting pregnant, then according to those statistics, around 142 students become pregnant each year. We also know that these college aged women (20-24) are at the most fertile time in their life.

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