Guest post by Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue

Yesterday Operation Rescue reported that a woman is suing Planned Parenthood Birmingham for missing an ectopic pregnancy. Clinic staff and abortionist Aqua Don Emmanuel Umoren apparently lied when charting that an 8-wk, 4-day-old baby was seen on ultrasound and palpated on internal exam, going on to commit an unnecessary abortion. The mother ended up in the emergency room 25 days later and had to have a fallopian tube and her 13-wk-old baby removed. She maintains in her lawsuit she is now infertile.

This was just one of probably hundreds of abortion botches we wouldn’t otherwise know about were there not a lawsuit.

But the number botches we do know about through emergency ambulance calls to U.S. Planned Parenthood  clinics is alarming – 10 over the course of only 20 months. This volume certainly does not bode well for the supposed safety of legalized abortions.

The list: