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Breaking: Battleground bus tour will expose Obama’s radical support of abortion, infanticide

To this day, even when speaking to pro-lifers, I still so often hear, “I didn’t know Obama was that bad on abortion!” when I tell about my experience with him as state senator and his opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Students for Life of America found in a recent poll of young Americans that his support sank by 43% among undecided voters when they learned of his radical support of infanticide.

The Susan B. Anthony List is going to spotlight exactly that during a 10-day battleground state bus tour beginning August 20, and I’m thrilled to have been invited along for the ride.

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On World Health Day tell the world, “Abortion is not health care”

by Andy Moore Thursday, April 7, is World Health Day, hosted by the World Health Organization. The New Zealand network of pro-life bloggers has decided to take this opportunity to create a “blogswarm” with the theme, “Abortion is not Health Care“. As one of these NZ bloggers, I’m asking pro-life bloggers around the World to […]


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