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Employees reveal Planned Parenthood’s slave wages and astronomical insurance premiums

2013-11-11_1643Last week I wrote about unsanitary conditions at a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood clinic that is part of the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate.

Other PP Keystone employees have started adding their comments to that post, and they jibe with Lola’s* assessment of their horrible workplace environment.

But I have learned it doesn’t stop there. Wrote PP Keystone employee “CC” (combining excerpts from two comments):

I think what is really unfortunate is the employees of PPKEY work under paid and not paid market rate for there positions. then on top of it work in the unsanitary conditions, like robots, in humane ways to treat humans. Most of the employees working here are on welfare themselves that’s pretty sad….

We should try to start a union! Admin would crap there pants if we all did that, because than we would have rights!

Employee “SickOfKeystone” wrote:

PPKEY spent thousands for a Employee Appreciation at the Country Club so they could all blow they own horns. How bout instead u get me a gift card for groceries. I would appreciate that. How bout Im full time and get food stamps and cant afford insurance for my husband.

Indeed, since writing that post I have received more intel on wages and insurance premiums for PP Keystone employees.

I’m told that PP Keystone workers other than clinic managers and clinicians make only $10-11/hour and are limited to a 35-hour work week. These people include receptionists, medical assistants and “front end and back end staff,” according to my source.

As CC and SickOfKeystone indicated, this pittance of a salary qualifies PP Keystone employees with families for welfare and food stamps.

But it gets worse. It’s no wonder SickOfKeystone can’t afford insurance for her husband. Take a look at PP Keystone’s employee insurance premiums. Take note these are bi-weekly rates (UPDATE 11/13: and the deductible is $3,000):

erin-vellelaI verified that these rates were sent to all staff by PP Keystone Director of HR and Security Erin Vellela (pictured right) in an email dated October 25, to take effect November 1, 2013, through October 31, 2014.

How a PP employee making $11/hour, or $1,540 a month, could afford insurance for his or her family is beyond me. It doesn’t seem possible. It is even less likely that any part-time employee could pull it off without paying PP money.

500x500_229730860Meanwhile PP Keystone CEO Kim Custer, pictured right, made $133,165 in salary and compensation in 2012.

So while Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards cheerleads for Obamacare, because “every person in this country deserves a basic standard of health care coverage,” her own corporation has been a prime culprit, forcing employees already making slave wages to purchase astronomically high health insurance, or go without.

The Washington Times reported on November 4 that PPFA “employs 25,000 staff and volunteers at its 750 health clinics.”

Hello, where is the Service Employees International Union? I’m sure PP Keystone employee CC is not alone in wanting to unionize.

And shouldn’t feminists support decent wages and health insurance for workers providing healthcare to mostly women?

downloadI’ve seen SEIU in action when it was trying to strong-arm my employer to unionize hospital workers. SEIU is a master at shakedowns. SEIU is always on the lookout for more healthcare workers to bring into its fold.

But could it be that Cecile Richards’ husband Kirk Adams, International Executive Vice President of SEIU, is keeping his friends away from PP? I’d say that’s a safe bet.

But is it good for either SEIU or PP workers? Absolutely not.

Planned Parenthood employees who may be reading this blog for the first time should check out the salaries your affiliate CEOs and PPFA corporate heads are making. You should also know PPFA has topped $1 billion in assets since 2009-2010. There’s money to pay you. Management is just keeping it for themselves.


New campaign warns abortion clinic workers: “Don’t let your job put you in prison”

DERTL PP Billboard Wilmington 2

Delaware Right to Life has erected six billboards this autumn, one directly across the street from the Wilmington Planned Parenthood (in photo above).

The billboards give a simple but sobering message to abortion clinic workers: “Don’t let your job put you in prison.”

This message is ripe in a state where two former Planned Parenthood employees testified earlier this year about health violations and inappropriate behavior by an abortionist they observed at their clinics.

clinic-worker-packThe billboards are part of a larger campaign that includes posters, postcards, a radio ad, the ClinicWorker.com website, and a Facebook page – all the brainchild of Life Dynamics President Mark Crutcher.

Crutcher has assembled this array of materials so pro-lifers can reach out to abortion clinic workers however they can to try to help them avoid the same fate as several of Kermit Gosnell’s employees: prison.

One doesn’t have to participate in post-birth murder, as Gosnell’s workers did, to land behind bars. There is a multitude of nefarious activities known to go on in abortion clinics, including Medicaid fraud, insurance fraud, consumer fraud, income tax evasion, money laundering, health and safety code violations, and child rape cover-up.

On all literature clinic workers are encouraged to go to ClinicWorker.com to learn more about illegalities they may have seen or participated in – even without knowing it.

Not for the first time Life Dynamics recently sent Clinic Worker postcards to over 600 U.S. abortion clinics. Click to enlarge…


Three days ago Drudge featured a Washington Times story on the project…


Abortion industry management denies efforts such as this have any impact on staff. From the Washington Times:

Abortion clinic directors counter that their staffs are extraordinarily loyal to abortion care and can’t be “enticed” to leave.

“I’ve said for all these 40 years: This is not a job. This is a calling,” said Ms. Taft, whose network represents more than 70 independent abortion clinics….

“People aren’t leaving. I know if you ask any of our [45-member] staff, they’ll say, ‘We love the work that we do,’” said Ms. France, who runs the largest independent clinic in Ohio.

I say hogwash. A job that involves low wages and grisly work can only be made less attractive by fear of prosecution. The WT piece corroborates life as an abortion clinic worker is bleak:

According to recent research, however, stigma and harassment commonly come with the job.

Ironically, a major reason people work in abortion clinics is that they want to “help people.” But many of those staff members face stress, isolation, rejection and “an intense fear of violence” as part of their jobs, Dr. Lisa Harris of the University of Michigan Health System said….

Some of the project’s early findings were that 89% of clinic workers said they felt “unappreciated by society” and half experienced “verbal or physical harassment.”

I asked a former PP clinic worker whether she observed a high turnover rate among staff or the staying power of job satisfaction, and she responded, “Stay? That should be part of a standup routine. It’s a revolving door. The ones who stay are the ones who need the money and have nowhere else to go – although corporate level people stay forever. They get paid very well and don’t deal with the emotional stuff we have to every day.”

Back to the billboards. A constant reminder that abortion work may equal prison can only further stigmatize abortion in the eyes of the general public, a side benefit.

Order clinic worker materials here.


TODAY! First annual “Leave the Abortion Industry” Day


UPDATE: 4/8, 12:45p: Today’s the day! As we speak, Abby Johnson is part of a contingent appealing to abortion clinic workers to leave their jobs outside of the Planned Parenthood late-term abortion clinic in Austin, Texas.

Here’s a photo just texted to me of And Then There Were None fellow board member, Jennie Stone. Click to enlarge…


Abby was featured on Fox News yesterday. Here’s video…

YouTube Preview Image

So far five abortion clinic workers have contacted ATTWN. Please pray for them and “Leave the Abortion Industry Day.” Also promote this on Facebook and Twitter. Use hashtag #Exodus2013.

5/25, 3:28p: Former Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson’s amazing conversion story is well-known in the pro-life world: After visualizing an abortion on ultrasound, Abby walked out of her Bryan, Texas, PP clinic in October 2009 and walked into the Coalition for Life office headed by Shawn Carney, who now coleads the 40 Days for Life ministry.

abby-johnsonSince then Abby has never looked back, releasing the best-selling exposé, UnPLANNED, in 2011 and launching the And Then There Were None ministry last year.

ATTWN reaches out to abortion workers to encourage them to leave the trade.

To date ATTWN has helped 47 souls escape that bloody industry. ATTWN helps former clinic workers in four important ways, providing:

  • Up to three months of financial support after a worker resigns
  • Emotional support as often as needed during the transition time
  • A spiritual advisor of the former worker’s choosing
  • Legal counsel who will protect the worker’s interests at no cost during transition

Now Abby has announced Exodus 2013, the first annual “Leave the Abortion Industry” Day, on April 8. As explained on the group’s Pray for Day of Exodus 2013 Facebook page,”This is the designated day that employees of abortion clinics leave their jobs in pursuit of new careers, knowing they have support.”

ATTWN will promote the event with a targeted Facebook campaign as well as with fliers sent to abortion clinics nationwide. All communications are kept confidential.

Of course, abortion clinic workers shouldn’t feel like they need to wait. As noted on Exodus 2013’s Facebook page, “We’ve already been contacted by a clinic worker who doesn’t want to wait until April 8 to leave and she has quit already!”

Abortion clinics are fighting to hold on to their accomplices. Former workers have told Abby about emails and fliers clinics have distributed telling employees to avoid her. Obviously, working for an abortion clinic is not something most would aspire to. Getting and keeping hired help must be a full-time job, pardon the pun.

We don’t yet have the law on our side. But we can kill abortion by a thousand other cuts. One of those is those is depriving the abortion industry of people to do their dirty work. In the process, we are pulling them from the pit of hell.

Coincidentally, Abby chose “Exodus 2013” not realizing Exodus 20:13 states, “You shall not murder,” the fifth commandment.