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3rd Annual Ask Them What They Mean By “Choice” Blog Day

565600_10200344040269360_2012432767_nIt’s that time of year again, when NARAL Pro-Choice America hosts its annual Blog for Choice Day on January 22,  the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

Likewise, for the third year in a row, pro-lifers will counter with our Ask Them What They Mean When They Say “Choice” Blog Day.

Or Mean Choice Day, for short.

Ironically, Planned Parenthood just announced it was abandoning the term “pro-choice.”

So I guess we could add an Ask Them Why They Blog For Choice When They No Longer Like It Blog Day.

Etc., etc. I’m sure you can think of several other questions to ask.

I’ll post the names and URLs of all blogs and websites that email me or add a comment that they’re participating.

This year we’ve added a Facebook Events page, so you can join there as well.

The plan is simple.

bfcd-2013Every year NARAL uses the anniversary of the day abortion was legalized throughout the United States to promote “choice.”

And for the last two years pro-lifers have not let them get away with obfuscating what that “choice” actually is.

We devote the day online to calling abortion proponents out – writing our own blog posts on the real meaning of “choice,” commenting on their blog posts, and questioning all their Facebook and Twitter blather.

We will also make good use of their designated Twitter hashtag, #Tweet4Choice.

Feel free to use our graphic. Thanks once again to pro-life graphic designer Kimberly of Spectacle Graphics for creating it.

Stay tuned!

Announcing 2nd Annual “Ask Them What They Mean by ‘Choice'” Blog Day, January 22

Our response last year to NARAL’s “Blog for Choice Day” was frankly spectacular.

The plan was simple.

Every year NARAL uses the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision to try to talk up “choice.”

But last year pro-lifers banded together on our blogs, their blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to cut through their ambiguous chatter with the disquieting question, “What do you mean when you say, ‘choice’?”

In all, 99 pro-life bloggers and countless activists overwhelmed 90 pro-abortion bloggers to the point NARAL had to abandon its Twitter hashtag #BlogforChoiceDay mid-morning because we took it over.

The idea is simple. On January 22, any time you read pro-aborts spouting obscure “choice” rhetoric on a blog, website, Facebook, or Twitter, call them out on it. Ask them to explain what the “choice” euphemism means. Tweeters plan to use their #Tweet4Choice hashtag.

If you are a blogger, plan on posting about “choice” on January 22. Email me the name and url of your blog, and I will post you as a participant.

Feel free to use the graphic above. Thanks to pro-life graphic designer Kimberly of Spectacle Graphics for creating it.

More details to follow.

Today! “Ask Them What They Mean By ‘Choice’” Blog Day

FINAL UPDATE, 1/24, 5:30a: I continued to receive requests to participate in our “Ask Them What They Mean By ‘Choice'” Blog Day from pro-lifers even as the day ended. I have updated the list to showcase the 111 pro-life bloggers who used January 21 to expose “choice” as the code word for killing preborn innocence children with only 2-1/2 days notice.

NARAL posted its list of 90 participants for its “Blog for Choice” Day that morning, fewer than ours with much more notice.

And, as previously discussed, we completely overwhelmed the pro-aborts on Twitter.

This was quite a positive learning experience for me, and I have used the example of what you accomplished by this endeavor many times the past couple days here in Washington when discussing online pro-life activism with friends and colleagues.

Perhaps liberals owned social media back in the day but no more, that’s for sure. I think this was definitely an indicator that pro-lifers have come into our own for online advocacy of the sanctity of preborn human life.

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