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Pro-lifers shut down anti-personhood rally

Shelby Knox is a pro-abort activist starlet being called by some “the next Gloria Steinem.”

Earlier this week Knox flew to the Colorado to help NARAL Colorado attempt to squelch votes for the Personhood Amendment 62 campaign. Yesterday Knox participated in a No on 62 rally in Colorado Springs. Afterward she tweeted

… and posted this positive albeit unimpressive photo…

Not so fast, little Ms. Gloria wannabe. Here’s the other half of the story.

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Colorado Personhood Amendment 62 files suit to block state from distributing false info

This afternoon CO Personhood Amendment 62 proponents filed a lawsuit against the CO Legislative Counsel to stop it from distributing ~3 million voter guides called the Blue Book, which are supposed to provide a “fair and impartial analysis” of ballot measures.

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