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Scuffle Escalates I: Fr. Pavone looks for new diocesan digs, this is all about Life

The National Catholic Reporter reported yesterday:

Father Pavone also told CNS he has already explored the possibility of being incardinated in another diocese so he could resume full-time ministry with Priests for Life as soon as possible.

As did Amarillo Globe News :

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Breaking: Bishop suspends Fr. Frank Pavone from Priests for Life

1:49p: Just spoke with another inside source, very reliable. This sounds pretty simply like jealousy to me. Quoting the source:

People have been complaining about Priests for Life for decades – about the success of its fundraising, and the success of Fr. Pavone’s preaching, and his ability to organize and get things done.

It was for this very reason that Fr. Pavone hired a huge accounting firm in the early 2000s to look at PFL’s books. The firm interviewed staff and analyzed PFL’s finances and gave it an “all clear.”

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Stanek weekend question II: Is Randall Terry’s run for president helpful or hurtful to the pro-life cause?

I wrote last December that pro-life activist Randall Terry had decided to run for president in the 2012 Democrat primary with the express goal of airing a graphic abortion ad during the Super Bowl.

This week Terry’s first ad began airing in Iowa. The Daily Caller reports it “will run prime-time in the Des Moines market on all the major local affiliates – CBS, NBC, FOX, CNS and ABC.” Terry wrote in an email alert the ad would also run in Sioux City. This ad isn’t graphic. The FCC rule forcing stations to air unedited ads by political candidates apparently does not yet apply…

YouTube Preview Image

Terry has received a fair amount of press coverage (here, here, and here, for example) about his ad.

Pro-aborts are preoccupied with the aborted babies Terry eventually hopes to show America. From RH Reality Check:

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IL parental notification law delayed AGAIN… potential corruption uncovered

parental notification, illinois, abortion.JPGFrom 1 jaw-dropping roadblock to the next, IL’s parental notification law has been stopped from going into effect for 14 long years, since it passed in 1995.
First, for over a decade, the IL Supreme Court simply refused to establish judicial-bypass rules.
After the Supremes finally wrote rules, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood sued. A federal court ruled against them 4 months ago….

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