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Wendy Davis trolls for Planned Parenthood speaking gigs in incredible shrinking woman video


The Houston Chronicle has posted an article on Wendy Davis’s new aspiration of “testing out professional speaking” after her gubernatorial effort in Texas bombed:

Davis, a former Democratic state senator from Fort Worth, recently began an “exploratory” relationship with the American Program Bureau….

“We’re trying to determine whether or not we can do the job for her, so we have not made any contractual relationship yet,” said Bob Davis, senior vice president at the agency.

The bureau primarily is pitching Wendy Davis to college and community groups as an authority on women’s health and education issues.

2015-02-12_1151But Davis clearly has a lucrative run on the Planned Parenthood affiliate speaking circuit in her sights. Her bio oddly morphs into a Planned Parenthood infomercial:

In 2013, Davis captured the nation’s attention with her 13-hour filibuster, which demanded that she stand the entire time….

While that bill unfortunately passed into law – a law that is still being challenged – Davis hasn’t stopped working for women’s rights for safe, legal reproductive care. She understands exactly what it means to depend on accessible, safe and affordable care services. “It’s paramount that women have access to the incredible preventive care that Planned Parenthood provides. When I was a young woman, Planned Parenthood was the only source of healthcare I had – for several years. Contrary to what some believe, Planned Parenthood provides a multitude of services, including breast and cervical cancer screenings, HIV testing, routine gynecological exams, diabetes screenings and family planning services. To restrict care for low-income women would mean setting society back decades – to say nothing of putting further strains on the lives of women who need access to these essential healthcare services.” Davis fought her best against Texas Senate Bill 5, the law that attempted to shutter all but eight women’s health clinics, but her efforts were dampened by then-governor Rick Perry.

2015-02-12_1142Likewise, APB Speakers’ comical YouTube promo video features Davis as the incredible shrinking half-woman appearing in the oddest of places, who – again – pitches solely to Planned Parenthood.

Tacky doesn’t begin to describe the production quality. Really, Wendy? lol…

YouTube Preview Image

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Texas abortion allies try to “recapture the energy” they said they’d never lose

Texas pro-choice energy #fightbacktx

Would the magic last?

Three weeks after her infamous June 25, 2013, 11-hour filibuster, climaxing  days of demonstrations by proponents on both sides of the abortion issue, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis was asked that by a reporter at The Texas Observer. She responded to the affirmative:

[M]illennial generation women are coming and speaking to me about how empowered they feel right now. I think if we had made every effort to try and make that happen, we never could have come up with the recipe.

What’s been so beautiful about this is it was organic and real, and therefore incredibly meaningful for these young women. They are owning the way they feel right now, and I expect that it’s the beginning for a new momentum. I really believe that….

I would be surprised to see it go away….

There is a unique energy behind it. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my public service life of 15 years. So I think it will sustain. I honestly think it will grow, because there is an active energy trying to make sure that happens.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, in a July 13, 2013, fundraising email:

Cecile Richards Texas momentum energy pro-choice abortion

P.E.A.C.E. Initiative’s Patricia Castillo, speaking at a July 11, 2013, pro-abortion rally after it became clear the pro-life legislation would be signed into law, as quoted by MySanAntonio.com:

We need to be heard in Austin every day. We cannot stand for this. I hope they know they’ve woken the sleeping giant of men and women working together to not stand for this.”

Castillo ended by leading the crowd in a chant: “We procreate faster than you legislate!”

Coming from a pro-abortion crowd that chant made no sense, but whatev.

Abortion rights march from 1970s

The point is that for the first time in probably 40-45 years, when energy sparked by the women’s liberation movement protests of the late 1960’s-early 1970’s helped legalize abortion, activists were feeling similar energy and clinging to it, hoping it might work in reverse and rekindle that same movement, now aging and dying.

The abortion industry has sponsored two national marches since that time, in 1992 and 2004 (something pro-lifers do every year). But those have never carried with them the lingering sense of nostalgia, an iconic moment, that abortion proponents are describing as the one-year anniversary of the Austin protests approaches.

Wendy Davis reminiscing about pro-choice rally abortion Planned Parenthood

It’s no wonder Davis pines for the past, since she is losing by 12 points in the polls for governor (up from 11 points in February) against pro-lifer Greg Abbott (who is also leading by 10 points among women).

But mountaintop experiences are just that, highs with plateaus and lows in between. A movement cannot rely on emotion for the long haul. Nevertheless, abortion backers are trying. From Statesman.com, July 17:

Five abortion-rights activist groups announced Tuesday a campaign designed to rekindle the activism surrounding last year’s fight over stricter abortion regulations….

The focus of the new campaign is a website, fightbacktx.com… [which] asks the protesters and like-minded Texans to sign a pledge – and provide contact information – recommitting to the fight against abortion restrictions.

Last summer’s legislative battle “awakened a sleeping giant,” said Heather Busby, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas….

That “sleeping giant” has obviously gone back to bed; otherwise it wouldn’t need to “rekindle” and “recommit.” More from the Houston Chronicle:

Nearly a year after thousands of abortion-rights activists brought the Texas Legislature to a standstill, a coalition of liberal groups announced a campaign Tuesday to “recapture the energy” of the movement….

The new campaign asks abortion-rights supporters to “dust off their orange,” a reference to the color worn last summer….

Fight back Texas Dust off your orange pro-choice abortion Planned Parenthood Wendy Davis

But that orange wouldn’t need “dusting off” had it not so quickly been hung and forgotten in the back of a closet.

And so it is that the abortion movement has shown itself to be the hare, with bursts of excitement that peter out, while the pro-life movement is the tortoise.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast actually settled for $4.3 mil, not $1.3 mil, for Medicaid fraud

ppfraud-320x240Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced on July 24 that his office had obtained a $1.4 million settlement against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for Medicaid fraud, with the settlement to be split between the state of Texas, the federal government, and the whistleblower (former PPGC employee Karen Reynolds).

It turns out the AG was apparently only announcing his state’s cut. The total settlement is actually $4.3 million – almost $3 million more than previously known. From the Houston Chronicle today:

Planned Parenthood’s Houston-based affiliate clarified Tuesday that it settled for $4.3 million, three times the $1.4 million that Abbott reported a week ago.

His spokesman tried to explain the discrepancy, indicating Abbott intended to announce the smaller amount, which represents the “state’s designation.” But it’s unclear why Abbott wouldn’t have announced the whole amount.

The attorney general also jumped the gun with his press release, announcing the settlement before it had been finalized. (It has since been signed by all parties.)

When I called the AG’s press office to help me understand the discrepancy  I was greeted by a inexplicably rude man who wouldn’t even give me his name. His response before hanging up, “It means the investigation is not over.” Ok. Still don’t understand, but there you go.

Despite the confusion this would all seem to be good news, although the original charge was that PPGC “submitted more than $30 million in fraudulent bills between 2003 and 2009,” according to the Houston Chronicle, July 30.

“If the original claim that PP defrauded the taxpayer of $30 million is near accurate, it means that PP settled for 15 cents on the dollar,” wrote American Life League’s Jim Sedlak to me in an email. “No incentive there to stop committing Medicaid fraud.”

Abby Johnson’s lawsuit against the same Planned Parenthood affiliate is still not settled. Abby alleges PPGC committed “over $5.7 million in fraud,” according to her legal representation, Alliance Defending Freedom.

[HT: Jim Sedlak; graphic via ADF]

Chicago Tribune runs alternate ad showing fetal image after deeming first ad too controversial

Click all images to enlarge…

heroic ad_alt baby2 - Final Draft 2

Caleb Parke at Live Action News reported last week that three major newspapers rejected an ad submitted by Heroic Media, which showed a life size image of a preborn baby between the ages of 20-24 weeks.

The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today all rejected the 1/2-page ad because the image made it “too controversial.”

This morning Heroic Media’s executive director Joe Young informed me that the Chicago Tribune agreed to run an alternative ad today, displayed above, which shows an ultrasound image of a 20-wk-old baby, obviously en utero. Meanwhile, the LA Times and USA Today rejected the second ad as well.

“The second image takes up a lot more of the ad space than the original,” Joe noted, “a beautiful head and chest shot of a baby as opposed to one in hand.”

Several newspapers did agree to run the original ad, below, last week and this week. They included The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Austin StatesmanDallas Morning News, and Houston Chronicle.

USA Today 11 x 10_28

“I pointed out to the newspapers rejecting our ad that they have carried stories about the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act, the topic of the ad,” Joe said. “But they said the images ‘made the conversation too controversial.’ I was shocked that putting a face on a 20-wk-old baby now made it controversial.”

(I am reminded of an ad rejected by my local paper in 2006.)

I have no problem with the second image, although I agree with the censoring newspapers that the original image carries more impact. It somehow better conveys how sinister it would be to tear a baby that age apart. But that’s reality. It’s certainly not gory.

But far be it from newspapers to carry factual, controversial information – on abortion.

Perry calls 2nd special session; won’t let pro-abortion anarchy rule

imageI’m on vacation but have been following the drama in Texas, which this afternoon took an upturn after a scandalous pro-abortion cabal illegally disrupted democracy last night.

The Houston Chronicle’s lede is so misleading, but what else should we expect from MSM? In actuality it was a pro-abortion mob that blocked common sense, public supported pro-life bills, not a “fail”ure of the Texas Senate to pass “strict abortion restrictions.”

And where is a description of the illegal disruption from the gallery? But whatever, Governor Perry is ensuring democracy, not anarchy, rules:

Just hours after the Texas Senate failed to pass a package of strict abortion restrictions, Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday said he is hauling the Legislature back in for a second special session set to begin Monday [July 1]….

The special session call Perry laid out Wednesday deals with the three bills that were left hanging in the Senate: a catch-all anti-abortion proposal, a bill for transportation funding and one dealing with sentencing guidelines for 17-year-olds convicted of capital murder.

“Texans value life and want to protect women and the unborn. Texans want a transportation system that keeps them moving. Texans want a court system that is fair and just,” Perry said. “We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do.”


Human Events has a good take on last night’s events, as does Michael New.

[Top photo via U.S. News]

Life Links 12-8-11

web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • On Wednesday, authorities arrested Joseph Devia, a man enlisted in the Navy, for allegedly killing Omoyeme Erazua, who was apparently pregnant by him and refused to have an abortion:

    Erazua’s body was discovered on a Houston street. An autopsy showed she had been stabbed in the neck about 20 times.

    A purse found with the body contained a cellphone that showed calls and text messages between Erazua and Devia indicating Devia believed he was the child’s father. The messages also indicated Devia wanted Erazua to have an abortion and that she had refused, according to a complaint filed by the Harris County district attorney’s office cited in the Houston Chronicle.

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$1+ billion federal funding given to abortion advocacy groups over 7 years

gao one billion.jpgYesterday TX pro-life Republican Congressman Pete Olson (pictured at podium, right) held a press conference flanked by pro-life Congress stalwarts [Reps. Chris Smith (NJ), Paul Broun, M.D. (GA), Mary Fallin (OK), John Fleming, M.D. (LA), Trent Franks (AZ), Walter Jones (NC), Jim Jordan (OH), Joe Pitts (PA), Steve Scalise (LA), and Jean Schmidt (OH)], Lila Rose of Live Action; Ken Blackwell of Family Research Council, and Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America to announce the results of a Government Accountability Office audit detailing federal taxpayer dollars given to groups that advocate and/or commit abortions.
The audit was requested by 31 Republican lawmakers.
There is some discrepancy whether the final figure over the course of 7 years was “almost $1 billion in taxpayer dollars,” as even Olsen wrote in his press statement, or over $1 billion. It’s over. Here is the exact tally

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Planned Parenthood the abortion humanitarian; 5,000 to protest

UPDATE, 1/19, 4:50a: Here’s MSM coverage of yesterday’s event. Note both news orgs interviewed repentant post-abortive mothers, which is good. First, from KHOU.com

Then from ABC13.com

From the Houston Chronicle, 30 minutes ago:
planned parenthood houston rally.jpg

Thousands of people from across the country are protesting at anti-abortion rally this morning near the site of a large Planned Parenthood facility on the Gulf Freeway in Houston.
The protesters are gathering for a prayer march targeting the facility which they describe as an “abortion supercenter.”…

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