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Breaking: Planned Parenthood throws in $1 million towel on Michigan mega-abortion clinic

UPDATE 6:45p: More from the Oakland Press:

Planned Parenthood has scrapped plans to open a clinic in Auburn Hills, settled a related lawsuit and put the building up for sale.

Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan CEO Lori Lamerand said the organization met its goal of having a presence in Oakland County in April when it opened a different health center in Ferndale….

Lamerand, who signed the amendment, said in an emailed statement that it was not a good use of donors’ resources to spend money on “frivolous litigation” rather than focus on meeting the health care needs of people in Oakland County….

The building on Opdyke is listed on the website of Jones Lang LaSalle, a firm that specializes in real estate services and investment management. The asking price is more than $1.1 million, but the building also could be leased, with the annual rent listed as negotiable.

9:45a: Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan has given up on its underhanded attempt to open a 17,050 square foot mega-abortion clinic in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a huge pro-life victory.

Moreover, Planned Parenthood is now out at least $1 million and stuck with a boondoggle.


In November 2010 Planned Parenthood paid $733,151 cash for the unfinished shell and then tried to wiggle around a deed restriction by misrepresenting its planned use for the structure to adjacent hotel owners, who held the power over the restriction.

Planned Parenthood then preemptively sued the hotel owners after the couple became aware of PP’s duplicity and announced they planned to put up a fight.

As the legal wrangling ensued, the State of Michigan cancelled$200,000 grant it had earmarked to Planned Parenthood to help finish the structure, after the money wasn’t spent by the end of 2011.

Meanwhile, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, led by Dr. Monica Miller, organized several protests at the site.

In January 2012 Planned Parenthood won Round 1 in court, but the hotel owners, aided by pro-life attorney Jim Carey, appealed.

But on May 18, 2012, Planned Parenthood unexpectedly dropped its lawsuit and agreed to an airtight deed restriction that bans “clinics providing abortion procedures” from using the building.

The new deed restriction was just made public yesterday, the same day Planned Parenthood offered the property up for lease.

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society speculates the reason Planned Parenthood gave up the fight:

Perhaps to avoid a lengthy appeals court process, PPMSM agreed to a newly-drawn covenant deed restriction…. Entering into such an agreement now frees the pro-abortion group to sell or at least lease out the disputed property – which appears to be exactly what has happened.

Planned Parenthood is now out the $733,151 it paid for the building, the $200,00 grant it lost, and at least $100,000 in legal fees, as speculated by pro-life real estate agent Dave Theisen of Real Estate for Life. It was Theisen who originally discovered the deed restriction.

Congratulations to Michigan pro-lifers for their hard work, which paid off in a major victory against Planned Parenthood and the saving of many lives.

[Photo via Anna Truckey]

Michigan Planned Parenthood opens storefront clinic as boondoggle mega-mill sits vacant

Seventeen months after Planned Parenthood paid $733,151 cash for a 17,050 sq ft unfinished shell in Auburn Hills, Michigan, it stands empty as a neighboring hotel owner continues to battle the abortion giant in court, claiming a deed restriction prevents the structure from being used as an abortion mill.

Four walls and a dirt floor, that’s all it is. Planned Parenthood may have won Round 1 in January but apparently has no confidence it will win Round 2. From the Oakland Press, March 9:

Desiree Cooper, director of Community and Media Relations for Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan… said any planned remodeling or other work on the building is on hold pending the court appeal.

Making matters worse for Planned Parenthood, the State of Michigan cancelled a $200,000 grant when PP didn’t begin interior completion by the end of 2011. This is money PP will likely never see again from the cash-strapped state.

Furthermore, commercial property values in the area have decreased dramatically. A commercial adviser who has performed a physical inspection of the property told Real Estate for Life ‘s Dave Theisen it is now worth probably $150-250k less than it was in November 2010. Plus there are several comparable vacant commercial properties in the area that are finished.

Planned Parenthood thought it had pulled a fast one when its attorney got the Comfort Inn owners next door to agree to the sale without mentioning the A-word or that the purchaser was the PP-word. But it appears to have purchased a money pit.

Meanwhile, PP just opened a storefront clinic in Ferndale, about 30 minutes from Auburn Hills.

Pro-lifers picketed that mill today, which doesn’t commit abortions but does refer for them, which amounts to the same thing: more babies being killed by Planned Parenthood….

God bless ’em, pro-lifers organized a 40 Days for Life campaign in front of PP’s vacant Auburn Hills property, reminding all who drove by that Planned Parenthood is not welcome there.