Liberal news outlet Slate has noticed with disbelief that Missouri Republican pro-life U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin “has crept back into the Missouri Senate race,” which three polls have now concluded.

A Family Research Council poll conducted August 27-28 found Akin had pulled ahead of Democrat pro-abortion incumbent Claire McCaskill 45-42% after a precipitous drop following an unfortunate explanation for his rape/incest exception to abortion.

But that was our side. When Democrat pollster Public Policy Polling found in a flash poll on August 20, the day after Akin made his infamous remark, that Akin still held a slight 44-43% lead, PPP was accused by his side of skewing the results “to ensure Akin stays in, so that he can get pummeled in November.”

But PPP’s second poll, conducted August 28 and 29, had nearly the same findings: McCaskill ahead by only a hair, 44-43%. According to Poll Tracker, here is how the race stands. Click to enlarge…