Liberal news outlet Slate has noticed with disbelief that Missouri Republican pro-life U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin “has crept back into the Missouri Senate race,” which three polls have now concluded.

A Family Research Council poll conducted August 27-28 found Akin had pulled ahead of Democrat pro-abortion incumbent Claire McCaskill 45-42% after a precipitous drop following an unfortunate explanation for his rape/incest exception to abortion.

But that was our side. When Democrat pollster Public Policy Polling found in a flash poll on August 20, the day after Akin made his infamous remark, that Akin still held a slight 44-43% lead, PPP was accused by his side of skewing the results “to ensure Akin stays in, so that he can get pummeled in November.”

But PPP’s second poll, conducted August 28 and 29, had nearly the same findings: McCaskill ahead by only a hair, 44-43%. According to Poll Tracker, here is how the race stands. Click to enlarge…

Meanwhile, according to Real Clear Politics, Romney is likewise gaining momentum in Missouri, after slipping following the Akin kerfuffle…

 A sure sign McCaskill believes the polls is that she maintained her decision to skip the Democratic National Convention. She had previously indicated she needed to stay put and campaign, which many saw as an attempt to distance herself from President Obama, who is unpopular back home.

But after the Akin flak, and in light of the Democrats’ focus on abortion and Akin, McCaskill would have been the “belle of the ball” had she changed her mind and attended the DNC.

Were the Akin comment that helpful to McCaskill’s campaign, she would have seized on the opportunity to make more of it.

But she didn’t, because she knows she’s still in trouble.

As are Republicans who hit the panic button way too soon, because they’re terrified of feminists and the A-word. As Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee ED Guy Cecil said of Akin in Charlotte, “I think that his obituary was written prematurely.”

Here was Akin’s first television interview following the controversy, on Neil Cavuto September 5. Akin gives a strong pro-life statement at the end, confirming his belief that life begins at conception and should not be snuffed because a baby’s parent is a sexual perpetrator…

Donate to Akin’s campaign here. The Republican Party establishment has abandoned him, and he’s apparently in financial trouble. We must stand by him.

[Top screen shot via Fox News; bottom photo via Washington Post]

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