Recall my post about Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando’s CEO Jenna Tosh crying when pro-life activists picketed her Winter Park, Florida, home on August 18.

Jenna was rewarded for her embarrassment by a meet and greet with President Obama when he breezed through Orlando for an August 30 fundraiser.

YouTube won’t remove a video that has contributed to riots and murders of U.S. officials and troops throughout the Middle East, but it quickly removed the video of this pro-life protest. Outing people who kill babies is more dangerous to society than dissing Muhammad. Nevertheless, the video is available now at

After getting the damaging video removed from YouTube, Tosh complained to the Winter Park City Commission, which quickly enacted an “emergency public safety ordinance” that banned public protests within 50 feet of a private residence. On September 10 the Commission voted 4-1 to make the ordinance permanent. A second vote on September 24 will ratify the ordinance.