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Economically elite “oligarchy” behind push for abortion

by Kelli

buffettpritzkersThe American public overall is opposed to abortion on demand; whether they call themselves “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” a majority do not want abortion to be legal except in the “hard cases” (e.g. rape and incest), and of the remainder, most support limits on later-term abortions.

The problem is that low-income Americans lean pro-life while the well-off tend to support abortion.

For instance, in a January 2013 Gallup poll, 58% of those with an annual income of $75,000 or more identified as “pro-choice.” Among those who earned less than $30,000 a year, only 41% identified as “pro-choice” – a whopping 17-point gap.

This leads, unsurprisingly, to abortion groups having a fundraising advantage over right-to-life groups. Abortion groups also enjoy the patronage of billionaires like Warren Buffett [pictured top right] and Susan Pritzker [pictured bottom right with husband Nicholas]. And of course, they command a majority of a particularly elite group of nine.

But I don’t think the oligarchy report (or at least, the media’s reporting on it) captures the full picture….

Abortion levels in the United States are at record lows, pro-abortion think tanks are panicked by our progress at the state level, and just last week, the representatives of the people of Colorado rejected abortion-on-demand legislation.

So don’t let the oligarchy get you down. Wealthy elites are powerful, but they are not omnipotent. By banding together, we can win.

~ SecularProLife.org, discussing the idea that small group of elites, instead of a democratic body, exercises control over the general population, April 21

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Abortionsafety.com: New website to document safety records of abortion clinics and doctors

You’ve likely seen a new ad on our home page, as showcased above, with a link to AbortionSafety.com/donors.

The ad is sponsored by Secular ProLife, which plans to launch a new website called AbortionSafety.com in November.  At present the group is seeking donations from the pro-life community to help.

Kelsey Hazzard of SPL explained to me via email:

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Today! “Ask Them What They Mean By ‘Choice’” Blog Day

FINAL UPDATE, 1/24, 5:30a: I continued to receive requests to participate in our “Ask Them What They Mean By ‘Choice'” Blog Day from pro-lifers even as the day ended. I have updated the list to showcase the 111 pro-life bloggers who used January 21 to expose “choice” as the code word for killing preborn innocence children with only 2-1/2 days notice.

NARAL posted its list of 90 participants for its “Blog for Choice” Day that morning, fewer than ours with much more notice.

And, as previously discussed, we completely overwhelmed the pro-aborts on Twitter.

This was quite a positive learning experience for me, and I have used the example of what you accomplished by this endeavor many times the past couple days here in Washington when discussing online pro-life activism with friends and colleagues.

Perhaps liberals owned social media back in the day but no more, that’s for sure. I think this was definitely an indicator that pro-lifers have come into our own for online advocacy of the sanctity of preborn human life.

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SecularProLife.org satirizes pro-aborts in new video

SecularProLife.org released a new video this morning with the question, “Can a pro-life video be funny?”

I wouldn’t call this video funny; I’d call it perfectly done satire aimed at absurdly dishonest pro-aborts who use verbal gymnastics to prop abortion.  And I love it…

Readers will recognize Kelsey, who heads SecularProLife.org, as a frequent commenter here. She writes in her release about the video:

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