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(Prolifer)ations 2-3-12

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Secular Pro-Life notes some items of interest on the international abortion front in Russia and Australia.

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Siri now overcompensating on abortion

Earlier this week I reported the “scandal” of Apple’s Siri not referring for abortions was actually due to the fact abortion clinics don’t call or categorize themselves as abortion clinics.  As Gizmodo.com explained:

Apple… [is] getting banged on because its nascent search engine can’t connect the word “abortion” to a medical center that doesn’t use that word in its description. That’s Search 101, fellas.

Now, according to HappyPlace.com, Siri has begun to overcompensate.

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Keys to abortion industry’s success: Public relations and liberal network

The abortion industry’s public relations machinery has always intrigued me. At any given time I can tell which agenda items anti-life groups have directed their PR firms to push by news articles, op eds, and tweets I read. If you pay attention you see there are always particular topics the other side is swarming around.

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Siri “scandal” due to deceptive advertising by abortion clinics

Last week abortion proponents thought they had discovered a terrible conspiracy, that covert pro-lifers at Apple had secretly programed the new iPhone feature Siri to be pro-life.

Siri is an “intelligent personal assistant” to which (whom?) you can ask questions, and Siri will answer you. If you ask Siri, “Where can I get a good hotdog?” it will respond, “I found several hotdog restaurants near you,” and list them. Etc.

But when pro-aborts asked Siri, “Where can I get an abortion?” it responded, “I don’t see any abortion clinics. Sorry about that,” or something similar.

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Siri silent on abortion?

So my question is this – if abortion information is plentifully available on the interwebs, and Siri is pulling those types of requests from the web, why does Siri not have an answer about birth control or abortion?

~ Mr. Banana Grabber, wondering why the new iPhone4 feature Siri does not generate information for abortion searches, Abortioneers, November 27