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Pro-life blog buzz 12-2-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Saynsumthn’s Blog says the CDC and Guttmacher abortion numbers don’t agree, and here’s why: the CDC gathers only data that is reported voluntarily from certain states. Guttmacher gathers much more comprehensive data, which is why their abortion numbers for the latest year available show nearly 300k more abortions than the CDC. Their reports also show that Planned Parenthood performed anywhere from 32-46% (so at the very least, one-third) of the abortions in the United States annually, and received $542.4M from taxpayers.
  • Secular Pro-Life reflects on World AIDS Day with some sound advice, including the suggestion to “steer clear of Planned Parenthood” when getting tested for HIV:

    Not just because they’re an abortion business: they’ve also demonstrated some serious skeeviness when it comes to HIV prevention. They were caught on tape advising someone who wanted an STD test to donate blood instead — horrible advice, for reasons that should be obvious.

    And a few years ago, Planned Parenthood put out an “educational” pamphlet for HIV-positive people that suggested that it’s totally fine to have sex with someone without disclosing your HIV-positive status. Thankfully, Planned Parenthood is not your only option for HIV testing. HIVtest.org is a good place to start, or try your local health department or regular physician.


  • Bryan Kemper of Stand True (pictured left with students from Oxford and Cardiff) must be doing something right, as British columnist Catherine Bennett has listed him as an “influential foreign women-hater” and is actually calling for him to be banned from the UK. Kemper is taking it all in stride, while Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life had this to say:

    If he weren’t so effective in his defense of the unborn, Ms. Bennett would never have heard of Bryan Kemper…. English women are heeding his message, and the message of our wonderful pro-life colleagues and friends throughout Britain, and that scares pro-abortion ideologues there. Because of that, and because of the urgency of protecting the unborn, we will continue sending Bryan to Britain and to many other nations as well.

  • Real Choice shows how the reluctance to discipline unsafe abortion clinics is nothing new. In the 1980’s, Maryland’s Hillview Clinic botched legal abortions on two women, and in typical fashion, not a thing was done:

    The TV show 60 Minutes… interviewed Barbara Radford, then-president of the National Abortion Federation, [and] she defended the head-in-the-sand attitude the organization took toward safety issues by saying, “We want to make sure that women have choices when it comes to abortion services, and if you regulate it too strictly, you then deny women access to the service.” When they asked pro-choice Maryland State Senator Mary Boergers why nothing was being done to address dangerous abortion clinics[,] Boergers said, “There’s only so much of a willingness to try to push a group like the pro-choice movement to do what I think is the responsible thing to do because they then treat you as if you’re the enemy.”

    The political goal of “access” trumped the bodies and lives of women like Susanne [Logan] and Debra [Gray]. Is the abortion lobby devoted to women’s access to safe abortions, or abortionists’ access to vulnerable women?


  • Bound4Life remembers Rosa Parks’ stand against injustice 59 years ago, reminding us to continue standing against human injustice today:

    As Bound4LIFE Director Matt Lockett notes, “History records the effectiveness of non-violent direct action as the prescribed method of bringing about change through legal recourse.”

    Lockett points out that Parks’ stand on principle, a flashpoint in the movement for cultural change, led to a court case. The monumental case Browder v. Gayle introduced into court evidence an illustration of the bus, denoting where she refused to budge [pictured right; click to enlarge]….

    Such evidence begs the question. “It’s easy to say ‘I’m pro-life’ in today’s culture of slacktivism. But is there evidence of your stand for life, strong enough it could be introduced in court?” asks Lockett.

  • The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition reports that the Dutch plan to “increase the number of life-saving organs available for transplant – by harvesting them from people who want to be [euthanized]. Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam and the University Hospital of Maastricht have already written national guidelines which are being studied by the Dutch Transplant Foundation.”
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses how discussion of making a living by ushering in death seems to follow legalization. Might this be the next business venture of Planned Parenthood?

    And now, in the journal Bioethics, bioethicist Roland Kipke argues that if assisted suicide is a right of autonomy, we should permit entrepreneurs to go into the business of making people painlessly dead, what he calls “commercially-assisted suicide.”

    Hmm, it seems like we’ve seen that concept somewhere before…

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[Photos via Stand True and Bound4Life]

Pro-life photo of the week: Student newspapers destroyed due to pro-life ad

Click to enlarge…


Via Campus Reform, October 3:

Dozens of Drake University  student newspapers were vandalized last week after a pro-life advertisement upset an unknown perpetrator.

Austin Cannon, managing editor of The Times-Delphic, found 431 copies of his paper, apparently drenched in water, sitting in front of the newspaper’s office Thursday morning, an act of vandalism estimated at $200 worth of damage. Atop the pile was a single newspaper with a black circle drawn around an advertisement for AGAPE Pregnancy Resource Center, which offers free pregnancy tests, STD testing, and ultrasounds….

Cannon told Campus Reform that more than 1,000 copies of the paper were distributed around campus prior to the vandalism, meaning almost half of the papers were destroyed.

University president David Maxwell addressed faculty, staff, and students Friday in an email, calling the vandalism “antithetical” to Drake’s “core values.”

“This act goes beyond mere vandalism – it is an attempt to curtail First Amendment rights regarding free speech, and is thus antithetical to our core values as the Drake University community,” Maxwell wrote in the email. “[W]e should all be outraged by an act that not only entails the destruction of others’ property, but is intended to communicate a message in a manner that violates our sense of who we are and what we stand for as a university.”

Prior to the vandalism, Beth Younger, a professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies at DU, wrote a letter to the editor, expressing concern with advertisements for AGAPE Pregnancy Resource Center. Such centers, she said are “largely fronts for anti-choice, anti-abortion organizations and they are known for providing misleading information to young women who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy.”

Younger urged the newspaper staff to publish a disclaimer alongside the ad “so young women won’t be fooled into thinking they can get free health care, when what they get is propaganda and harmful lies.”…

“It’s just a little disheartening to me because it doesn’t mean we support that organization, and we’ve run ads from Planned Parenthood in the past,” The Times-Delphic’s Editor-in-Chief, Courtney Fishman, said in an interview with KCCI. “So it’s interesting to me that people are upset about it, and they’re very welcome to be upset about it, but it’s upsetting that they’re vandalizing our property.”…

“It’s sad that it happened,” Brenda Knollenberg, executive director for AGAPE told Campus Reform. “I appreciate the openness of ‘if you don’t agree with something, to be able to voice that.’ I think that is what the United States was founded on…and I am grateful for that. I do think that sometimes more research has to go into people’s opinions just to make sure they have their facts correct.”

Pro-life blog buzz 11-26-13

by Kelli

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  • Down on the Pharm shares some information that probably should have been brought to women’s attention much sooner – Plan B and ella aren’t as reliable for females who weigh more than 176 pounds:

    The European manufacturer of Norlevo, which is their version of Plan B (Levonorgestrel) has very kindly decided to warn people that their product does not work for women over 176 lbs, and is less effective for women over 165 lbs….

    In fact, people ALSO could learn here that the newer morning after pill, Ella (ulipristal acetate) has the same problem….

    It appears that Mother Jones is the first of the mainstream media to let the kitty out of the bag in the United States. They note that the average weight of American girls is 166.2 lbs, which puts them over the weight limit for Plan B to work at its touted 60 percent effectiveness. The avg weight of Black and Hispanic women from 20-39 years of age is 186 lbs, which means that they can completely forget about Plan B.

    Any hospital or clinic using this drug as a part of rape treatment is therefore pushing ineffective treatment and charging fraudulently. Planned Parenthood and its ilk are doing the same.

  • Abortion State says lawyers are reluctant to take on cases against Planned Parenthood because the powers that be are almost uniformly aligned in favor of PP. One attorney said taking them on “is like going up against The Mob,” as illustrated in a recent medical malpractice case. This entire article is worth a read.


  • According to Abstinence Clearinghouse, Trojan Brand Condoms has a “report card” (graphic pictured left; click to enlarge) ranking colleges and universities on their sexual health, which they claim is based on “[several factors, not the least of which, is the] hours of operation of the student health center, student clubs that discuss sexual health, STD/HIV testing….” But, as AC points out, campuses that promote abstinence until marriage – the healthiest possible choice – obviously aren’t going to rank high on Trojan’s list:

    … [T]esting for STDs does not make a campus healthier, nor does having clubs that talk about sexual health issues. Having a student body that commits to remaining sexually inactive till marriage (i.e. abstinence) is the healthiest idea yet. However, Trojan Brand will not accept the healthy idea of abstinence in its ranking system of college campuses. Could this, in and of itself, not be considered a conflict of interest on the part of the Trojan Brand manufacturer? Without sexually active college students how much business would Trojan Brand stand to lose?

  • Fletcher Armstrong challenges pro-lifers with the question, “When you suit up for pro-life work, what would you rather do, feel good or make an impact?”
  • Despite his philosophical disagreements with Abolish Human Abortion (AHA), Josh Brahm provides proof that the group was falsely accused on Facebook of attempting to deceive abortion-minded women.
  • At Live Action, Calvin Freiburger notes how abortion advocates are so extreme that they are now using non-terminally disabled preborn children (like those with spina bifida) to try and further their agenda for unlimited abortion. How incredibly sad that if a preborn child isn’t guaranteed the kind of “quality of life” to which the parents feel entitled, they willingly kill. What a morally bankrupt outlook on the value of the disabled.
  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal shares a Unilever film/advertisement “that is taking on many parents’ fears and saying that there is every reason to bring their children into the world”:
YouTube Preview Image

[Graphic via collegecandy.com]

Nationwide campaign launched to take down abortion industry via civil lawsuits

LDI 3Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards told The Hill a couple days ago she thrives on controversy.

Well, this news should really boost her endorphins.

Pro-life group Life Dynamics has launched an ambitious campaign to educate all of the nation’s personal injury attorneys of an enormous opportunity to file civil lawsuits on behalf of child sex abuse victims and their families against abortion clinics that did not report the crime.

Abortion clinic personnel in all 50 states are mandated reporters who must notify designated state agencies of suspected child sex abuse.

A minor girl coming to a clinic for an abortion, contraception, or STD testing/treatment is evidence that a potential sex crime has been committed against that child. Abortion clinics are not to investigate themselves, they are simply to report.

If it turns out abortion clinics did not comply with the mandatory reporting statute, and the abuse continued afterward, they and individual employees are liable, as are any and all who caused the girl to go there – school districts that gave a referral, relatives, etc.

Life Dynamics has mailed this dvd to 53,000 personal injury attorneys across the country explaining the law and opportunity…

YouTube Preview Image

Life Dynamics has also prepared both English and Spanish ads to which PI attorneys can simply add their contact info…

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Life Dynamics’ president Mark Crutcher told me his phone has been ringing off the hook since the mailing.

“I’m spending night and day talking to these people, and they’re catching the vision about what this is about and the hundreds of thousands of potential clients,” Mark told me in a phone interview this week. “We are not exaggerating when we say this may be the largest criminal conspiracy in American history. It certainly dwarfs the pedophile priest issue, for which $3 billion has thus far been shelled out for only 10-15% of the cases.”

We certainly know there’s a there there.

In 2002, Crutcher conducted the first pro-life undercover sting when having an actress posing as a 13-yr-old who had been impregnated by her 22-yr-old boyfriend call 813 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation clinics in the U.S. An appalling 91% of those clinics expressed a willingness to cover up statutory rape.


All phone conversations were recorded and can be heard here.

Several years later Live Action found the same willingness of several Planned Parenthood clinics to aid and abet sexual perpetrators of children.

In 2011, Americans United for Life documented several actual cases of Planned Parenthoods across the country covering up child sex abuse.

There are several ways to stop abortion. One would be to sue it to death.

Life Links 3-14-12

web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The Washington Times has an article on Abby Johnson’s $5.7 million whistleblower lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast:

    According to the lawsuit, PPGC contracted with the state to help prevent unwanted pregnancies among a population of eligible women. The clinics’ main service was to offer women an annual family-planning exam and consultation; only office visits “related to contraceptive management” were reimbursable by the Medicaid program, the lawsuit said.

    However, owing to financial pressures of its own, PPGC leaders and staff collaborated to register all kinds of ineligible services — pregnancy tests, sexual-disease tests, Pap tests — for Medicaid reimbursement, the lawsuit claims, adding that the bosses admitted to Ms. Johnson and other clinic directors that these claims were not eligible for reimbursement, but told them, “We have to keep these people as patients” and “We must turn every call and visit into a revenue-generating client.”

  • Dr. Peter Goodwin (pictured left), a leading advocate of Oregon’s assisted suicide law killed himself using pills obtain under the state’s “Death With Dignity Act.”
  • Two New York researchers were awarded the King Faisal International Prize for Medicine for their work to treat alloimmune thrombocytopenia, “an auto-immune disease which can cause fatal brain hemorrhages in unborn fetuses and newborn children. The cause is unclear, but the illness causes the mother’s immune system to attack the fetus as if it were a foreign body or disease.”
  • In the Weekly Standard, Andrew Ferguson discusses the “after-birth abortion” bioethicists:

    The article doesn’t go on for more than 1,500 words, but for non-ethicists it has a high surprise-per-word ratio. The information that newborn babies aren’t people is just the beginning. A reader learns that “many non-human animals… are persons” and therefore enjoy a “right to life.” (Such ruminative ruminants, unlike babies, are self-aware enough to know that getting killed will entail a “loss of value.”) The authors don’t tell us which species these “non-human persons” belong to, but it’s safe to say that you don’t want to take a medical ethicist to dinner at Outback.

[Photo via oregonlive.com]

Breaking: Whistleblower alleges Texas Planned Parenthood committed massive Medicaid fraud

A former employee of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has filed a whistleblower’s complaint with both the Texas and United States Attorneys General alleging her management engaged in massive Medicaid fraud.

Karen Reynolds, who worked as a “health care assistant” from 1999 to 2009 at the Lufkin, Texas, branch of the affiliate formerly known as Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas, has submitted company memos and emails to support her charge that PPGC has engaged in a systemwide scheme to bilk Medicaid, Title XX, and the Women’s Health Program of tens of millions of dollars over the course of at least a decade.

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Jivin J’s Life Links 10-4-11

web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat