28 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood unveils new logo on Election Day”

  1. It’s not this new logo that’s going to make them any better.  It doesn’t change my impression of Planned Parenthood.  It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.


  2. The father of lies is in control of Planned Parenthood.  Their stylistic logo is a facade that provides cover for the destruction of the family and the death of millions that is their legacy. It is a fearsome thing to face our Creator having spent one’s life destroying the Creator’s masterpieces.


  3. @Dan,
    Great idea!  Now we need some creative pro-lifer to re-design it, replacing “Care” with “Kill.”  Then we get Heritage House or another organization to print signs we can use outside our local Planned Barrenhood! 


  4. It speaks volumes: “no matter what” shows how deeply the Pro-life movement has cut them. 

    “no matter what” shows how defensive they really are. 

    “no matter what” shows how a peaceful movment such as 40 Days for Life has rattled them to their diseased center. 

    PP is rotten from within, like a hollow rotted tree.  Keep pushing!!   It will topple over, revealing it’s empty core and rotting roots for all to see.  Press on, Pro-lifers, press on!


  5. @JennJ, that’s great!  Can you make it plural – “Planned Parenthood kills” – ?


  6. Actually, I think this is a good sign for pro-lifers (and boy do we need one today).  Rebranding isn’t something you just do for the heck of it.  It’s a major deal, marketing-wise, to change your logo.  A logo goes on everything.  Stationary, flyers, products, buildings, websites, t-shirts…  Your logo is you in picture form.  The only reason to change it is if it’s hurting you in some way, because changing the logo means changing everything.


    Planned Parenthood’s old logo has become associated with abortion.  And the Komen debacle.  I bet that was hurting them.  This one isn’t that different, but it’s different enough that it makes me think this is an attempt to get away from the fact that PP = abortions.  I think this is another sign that the pro-life pressure on PP is working.


  7. 40 Days for Life is working.  Humility, prayer, peace.  Small groups of people praying on the sidewalk are more effective than election wins.


  8. Is there an organization that rejects abortion while promoting effective contraception and alternative sexual expressions as well as abstinence?


  9. Na-pro technology centers – NFP training – as effective as the pill – and most services for free or low cost, which includes OB/GYN.  Just unfortunate that there are not many of those centers.  And they help families.  They help promote good living, and good hope for families…


  10. sexual expression = baby

    There are two kinds of reproduction:  sexual and asexual

    Asexual reproduction produces another generation of the organism.

    Sexual reproduction produces another generation of the organism.

    Sex is reproduction.  If you are not reproducing, it isn’t sex.

    It is just activity.   


  11. @ hippie: Does this mean post-menopausal women can’t have sex?

    Or sterile people of both sexes can’t have sex? 


  12. I always thought the old logo looked like a womb being emptied… the new logo now just looks like two empty wombs…


  13. As I’ve said before, I support abstinence. Sexual partners transmit STDs and cause problems in addition to unwanted pregnancies.

    But I prefer contraception or alternate sexual activity to abortion. 


  14. The worst lie the abortion industry had procured is the image that they are somehow these renegade heroes in the face of opposition from anti-choice bigots. Plain and simple, they profit at the blood of the unborn, and the broken hearts of women who have lost motherhood. Their promblems only beginning.


    I yield back the remainder of whatever else I was going to write in this message.


  16. Actually I have more to say.
    The sky blue and white colors are there to make them look “Angelic”. 
    I use those colors for some of my Pro Life Logos. It symbolizes the Sky, Light and Love from God. Ironically they don’t have any of the three.


  17. There’s not enough perfume in the world to to mask this group.
    Planned Unparenthood. P.U.!


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