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Chicago Sun-Times reporter: I had a stroke at 30 thanks to the Pill

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Monifa Thomas is not simply a journalist who works for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Thomas was hired in 2005 as a health and medicine reporter and in 2010 was promoted to the editorial board due to her “particular expertise in medical issues and government health care,” according to the Sun-Times.

And still Thomas didn’t know about the dangers of the birth control pill. Here’s an excerpt of her story, published in the Sun-Times on December 25:

Paramedics came and took me to Saint Joseph Hospital, not far from my apartment on the North Side.

At the hospital, someone asked for my Social Security number. I told him.

Friends were there now, too. I can still picture their worried faces.

Again, the hospital worker said: I need to know your Social Security number.

“Yeah,” I told him, “I know. I’m giving it to you.”

And, in my head, I was. But instead of numbers, all that came out of my mouth were letters.

I didn’t understand then what I do now: On July 8, 2011, a clot blocked the flow of blood to my brain, cutting the supply of oxygen, causing parts of the tissue there to die.

I was 30 years old, and I’d just had a stroke….

Why me?

For some, the cause of a stroke is clear. High blood pressure, diabetes, compounded over the years, maybe with a family history of circulatory problems thrown in, lead to cardiovascular decay and plaque-narrowed arteries, then a heart attack or stroke.

But that wasn’t me.

I was young. And I had done the things you’re supposed to do to keep healthy.

I didn’t smoke. I exercised regularly. I danced salsa and practiced tae kwon do. I stayed away from bad foods, mostly. I literally ate an apple every day.

I had just had a physical in June, after turning 30, a couple of weeks before my stroke, and there was no sign of trouble.

Which led my doctors to a different likely culprit. They told me they thought birth-control pills probably were a factor.

Now, I was even angrier because I’m one of those people who actually reads the warning labels that come with any prescription drug, and I’d read that a stroke was a risk when you’re on a birth-control pill. But none of the other risk factors seemed to apply. So I thought it probably wouldn’t be a problem for me.

Read about Monifa’s long road back. It’s quite scary, yet inspiring. Monifa is quite brave. I especially appreciate that she used her experience to expose just one of the harms of the birth control pill.

A few of the comments:

Amy Hamer: I had a stroke at age 39 in Feb 2011. Mine was also caused by birth control pills. I thank God my boyfriend was with me and knew something wasn’ right…. Women think birth control pills are just a simple little pill, but you are really altering your body chemistry to make your body think it’s always pregnant. I feel extremely lucky that I got medical treatment quickly. I’m still not 100% and probably never will be, I just have to make the best of it and be thankful I’m not 20% or even dead.

Migdalia Bulnes: I too had a stoke at the age of 32, due to birth control pills. I can relate to everything in your story…. I could not even hold a cup of coffee in my left hand or even do a ponytail on my hair, simple things. Thank God that its been 12 years, I am a sergeant for the Chicago Police Department….

MadKatFever: I also lost a 35 y.o. friend to blood clots which landed in her lungs instead of her brain. Three trips to 2 separate hospital emergency rooms and they still could not figure it out. Until the fourth trip which resulted in an ICU admission and her death 40 hours later. Cause of death: pulmonary emboli related to birth control usage.

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Sad news: Inspirational pro-life blogger passes away

I’m so sad to report one of the bloggers we feature in our top blogs section (right side of home page) has passed away.

Barbara Curtis, who ran the Mommy Life blog, suffered a massive stroke on Sunday and passed away yesterday, October 30. See funeral arrangements here. Barbara had nine biological children, one with Down syndrome, and she adopted three more children with Down syndrome.

We often featured many of Barbara’s posts, but one highlight was when Barbara’s daughter Maddy auditioned for American Idol in 2010. Here’s her audition and family backstory, including a segment featuring Barbara…

YouTube Preview Image

Life is so fragile. Barbara lived every minute and left a wonderful legacy. She lived her pro-life convictions. We will miss her.

Cuckoo for contraceptives

On September 21 the Huffington Post published results of a new survey on contraceptive use. The most provocative find:

5. The pill is the most popular form of contraception. About 15 percent of women reported using the pill in the last 30 days, compared to 8 percent who said they used a male condom.

Note the spin. “The most popular for of contraception” is used only 15% of the time.

Another interesting find:

4. Forty-three percent of women who had been pregnant previously, had experienced at least one unintended pregnancy. Of those 43 percent, 50 percent said that their unintended pregnancies had occurred as the result of failed birth control (i.e. a ripped condom or not taking their birth control pill regularly).

In other words, contraceptives used in real time (not theory) have a 50% failure rate.

Aside from the fact the female public doesn’t like the Pill, and aside from the fact contraceptives have a dismal success rate, feminists and the abortion industry are currently pushing for pandemic distribution of free hormonal contraceptives because, they say,  it’s what women want and need to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Neither liberals nor the mainstream media nor the government stop to analyze the reality that contraceptives fail the hype. Instead we get this:

Bear in mind, the morning-after pill contains 2-10 times the dosage of female hormones as the birth control pill, and there are no long-term studies on the harm to adolescent girls, particularly with repeated use.

Liberals are all-organic, all-green, and anti-Big Pharma – except when it comes to hormonal contraception, in which case they turn a blind eye.

This is because the alternative to pushing contraceptives on the public is unthinkable, for three reasons:

  1. The Pill was the cornerstone is the 1960s sexual revolution, and the hippies are now in charge of the country.
  2. The Pill is lucrative, as is the back-up plan, abortion.
  3. The only foolproof way to prevent pregnancy and STDs is by maintaining abstinence until marriage and then being faithful, a message that would be to admit Christian prudes were right and would also stop the gravy train.

Step back. In plain English hormonal contraceptives (which include the Pill, shots, and implants) contain artificial steroids taken on a daily basis over the course of decades that chemically alter a woman’s normal monthly menstrual cycle by overriding messages sent by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, both located in the brain.

Does that sound healthy? We now know it’s not. Hormonal contraceptives increase a woman’s risk of fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, infertility, liver tumors, yeast infections, and more; and they decrease her bone density and libido, and more. (And a new study shows the Pill increases the risk of staph infections, aside from the fact it offers no protection against STDs.)

Will we ever learn? It’s possible. It just depends on whether or not we’re sailing on the Contraceptive Titanic.

(Prolifer)ations 3-16-10

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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Catholic Vote Action calls for prayer and fasting for the unborn during this crucial week of Congressional voting.
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  • Albert Mohler has a must-read article regarding the worldwide gendercide of female babies, born and unborn. After a long silence from the MSM (and American feminists) on this issue, The Economist has published an eye-opening cover story entitled, “Gendercide: What Happened to 100 Million Baby Girls?”…

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