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Pro-life blog buzz 2-10-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At New Feminism, Jennifer Lahl decries California’s new bill that would allow birth certificates to become politicized “by allowing each parent to self-identify as mother, father, or simply ‘parent.'” Lahl argues that this could potentially do a great disservice to “adoptees and those born of anonymous donors”:

    The birth certificate legally documents who a child’s parents are. That is, who the birth mother and birth father are. It is a record of who is genetically related to a child. It is not intended to be a means by which adults decide what they want to be called. Rather, it answers the question, who can this child’s beginning be traced to? Who gave birth? Who died?


  • Secular Pro-Life says Planned Parenthood supporters are blatantly lying (shocker, I know!) about the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, which SPL states “will not reduce government funding for women’s health care. Not by a single penny! The Act will merely affect how Title X funding is distributed to the health care entities seeking family planning grants.”

    What this means is the facilities that perform abortions “will be passed over in favor of those that do not. Among those that do not are more than 8,000 Federally Qualified Health Centers — not-for-profit neighborhood health clinics that provide affordable medical care on a sliding scale.” More than 8,000 (see graphic, left). And yet, Planned Parenthood wants the public to believe that they’re the only place women can get medical care like breast exams, mammogram referrals, and pap smears.

    Sometimes facts don’t fit on bumper stickers as well as hysterics do.

  • John Smeaton weighs in on Canada’s recent Supreme Court decision ruling that doctors may help their patients commit suicide:

    This heart-breaking decision will not only affect our Canadian readers, but will inevitably set an unofficial precedent for courts in the U.S. and elsewhere. Our readers in those countries need to be aware of this decision, in order to be better prepared to oppose this encroaching element of the Culture of Death.


  • Saynsumthn’s Blog cross-posts a Life Dynamics report on a Texas pedophile (Roy Wayne Jackson, Jr., pictured right) who was finally sentenced to two life sentences for raping a 12-year-old and years later, raping the teen’s daughter (beginning at age 8). He also took his second victim for an abortion at age 13, which was not reported by the abortion facility as statutory rape, allowing the abuse to continue. Because the abortion industry winks at sex trafficking and statutory rape, pedophiles are given a pass to continue victimizing girls.
  • At thirtyone8, Andy Moore lists what he deems the best anti-abortion anthems.
  • Wesley J. Smith is understandably alarmed that Robert Latimer, a man convicted of murdering his disabled daughter, has become something of a hero in Canada – and, naturally, the face of the movement supporting euthanasia:

    The murder of anyone threatens everyone. Moreover, the vocal support he received revealed an ugly and alarming vein of anti-disability disdain within the Canadian soul.

[Photos via Secular Pro-life and Saynsumthn’s Blog]

Surprising pro-life wins in CROmnibus

House Speaker John Boehner Holds Weekly News Conference

You’ll recall that in August the California Department of Managed Health Care issued a mandate requiring all insurance issuers to immediately add surgical and RU-486 abortion coverage to their plans, even those for nonprofit religious institutions and churches.

This was a violation of the decade-old Weldon Amendment, one of several pro-life riders included in appropriations bills every year. The Weldon Amendment blocks government agencies receiving federal funds from discriminating against any health care entity for not covering abortions.

The only recourse for victims seeking protection under the Weldon Amendment is to file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services.

In late August and early September that is exactly what two Catholic universities and seven churches in California did.

But to date HHS has taken no action, and the violation is ongoing.

Because the Obama administration has failed to enforce the Weldon amendment, pro-life leaders have pressed to enact the Abortion NonDiscrimination Act, which would make the Weldon amendment permanent and offer judicial recourse for victims impacted by the violation.

Pro-lifers in Congress tried to insert ANDA into the Continuing Resolution Omnibus appropriations bill, i.e., CROmnibus, which will fund the government through September 2015 (except DHS, which is only funded until March, so the GOP can revisit Obama’s immigration executive order after the new legislative session begins, at which point Republicans will control both houses).

But with many Republicans opposing CROmnibus for other reasons, it needs Democrat votes to pass and must also pass the Democrat-run Senate.

Since both parties are loathe to risk shutting down the government over the budget, pro-lifers behind the scenes were instead able to squeeze verbiage into the Explanatory Statement noting the complaints and directing the HHS Secretary to take action.

This is a step toward obtaining relief for the victims of the California mandate and warning other states considering similar action (like Washington) Congress takes the Weldon Amendment seriously. It reads:

Healthcare Provider Complaints. Legislation appropriating funding for the Department of Health and Human Services has carried a general provision relating to health care providers since fiscal year 2005 (Division H, Section 507(d) of Public Law 113-76). Complaints regarding reported violations of these provisions have been filed with the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services. The Secretary is directed to respond to these complaints expeditiously in accordance with final rule 45 CFR Part 88 published in Federal Register Vol. 76 No. 36.

What this does is put the HHS Secretary (and other states that might want to follow California’s lead) on notice that Weldon is a law that Congress – including the Appropriators – take very seriously.

HHS now has a little time to actually enforce Weldon, but the next appropriations cycle starts in a few months, and this language shows that Congress is not going to let California’s action’s slide.

A source on the Hill noted in an email, “A LOT of work went into pulling this off, and I was actually impressed that they got the report language in.” Again, Democrats as well as Republicans had to agree to this language before it was inserted.

downloadPro-lifers in Congress will still work to pass ANDA next year easier without Harry Reid blocking everything.

Pro-lifers were also able to add an Explanatory Statement noting the shroud of secrecy surrounding Obamacare-approved insurance plans that cover abortions and directing the HHS Secretary to provide transparency.

The explanatory statement agreed to by both Republicans and Democrats calls for transparency BEFORE enrollment… huge.

It’s not just that pro-lifers care only about transparency, the explanatory statement gives them opportunities to address the issue of abortion coverage under Obamacare. This is no fix for sure, but it’s a move in the right direction.

Additional information on CROmnibus for pro-life budget wonks:

  • Funding for the UNFPA remains the same as FY14: $35 million
  • Funding for International Family Planning/Population Control Activities remains the same as FY14: not less than $575 million
  • Title X Family Planning Program remains the same as FY14: $286 million

[Top photo via Getty; bottom photo via Salon]

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood closes Kansas clinic after defunded

breakingGreat news as we enter the Memorial Day weekend! From the Associated Press, this afternoon:

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri announced Friday it plans to close its Hays health center to save its larger Wichita clinic in the wake of an appeals court ruling that let Kansas strip its federal family planning funding.

The organization also said it would no longer be able to provide free contraceptives and other no-cost medical services to low-income patients in Wichita without the federal money, but community donations will allow it to still offer affordable health care.

Court documents show the two nonprofit clinics were operating at a loss even before losing the $330,000 annual influx of funds from Title X, a federally financed family planning program….

Planned Parenthood’s move comes after a sharply divided panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in March overturned a federal judge’s ruling that had temporarily kept Planned Parenthood’s funding intact while the organization challenged a Kansas law. That law required the state to first allocate Title X money to public health departments and hospitals, leaving no funds for specialty family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood subsequently dropped its legal challenge to the state law.

PPWichita2“Community donations” is as it should be. Planned Parenthood should keep itself solvent through donations from like-minded supporters, not pro-life taxpayers.

More from LifeNews.com:

The 2009 Kinzer-Huelskamp budget amendment directed the state health department to award Title X money to full-service medical clinics and hospitals best serving the indigent. That prioritization was approved consistently  by the Kansas legislature but vetoed by former Governors Sebelius and Parkinson. However, it has been approved in every budget under current Gov. Sam Brownback.

While PPKMM’s Hays and Wichita “feeder” clinics did not perform abortions, they referred for them….

PPKMM sued, and won mandatory funding from 2011-2014, ordered by Wichita federal judge Thomas Marten….

The Tenth Circuit Court of appeals overturned Judge Marten in March, ruling that PPKMM lacked standing to pursue its claims in federal court, and that its claim of a First Amendment violation lacked merit – about as resounding a defeat as you could get.

[Photo and caption via Operation Rescue]

Planned Parenthood drops Kansas defunding challenge

Planned Parenthood drops Kansas defunding challengeHere’s news so good I couldn’t let the weekend pass by without mentioning it. From the Associated Press, May 9:

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri dropped its legal challenge Friday to a Kansas law that stripped two of its Kansas clinics of federal money for family planning….

Kansas is among several conservative states that have sought in recent years to strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding. At issue in the case is money distributed to states under Title X, a federally financed family planning program….

The development comes in the wake of an appeals court ruling in March finding that Kansas could strip clinics in Wichita and Hays of the funds while Planned Parenthood pressed its lawsuit contesting a state law it calls retaliation for its advocacy of abortion rights.

But Friday’s court filing ends the litigation.

This may be why. Planned Parenthood is happy to sue and keep laws tangled up in courts for years, even if PP knows it will lose… except, perhaps, in cases like this. Quoted the AP, April 30:

A federal appeals court has ordered Planned Parenthood to pay Kansas the costs of an appeal over family planning funds.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday awarded the state $1,350 for its costs of appealing a district court order.

Planned Parenthood apparently decided it didn’t want to draw even more legal invoices from the state.

Claim: Rise in STDs caused by… homophobia?

STDsby Carder

With most of these populations, having a sexually transmitted disease from having sex with another man is highly stigmatized. They’d rather not get tested for HIV, syphilis, or whatever.

They don’t want it to show up on their records.

~ Professor George W. Rutherford, claiming that homophobia in the South may contribute to the rise of sexually transmitted diseases, Bloomberg, January 8

Note: Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation responds:

And where is Planned Parenthood in this mix with its half a billion in annual Title X funding from the American taxpayer? Is the CDC suggesting that that “investment” is failing? Why aren’t the over 800 Planned Parenthood alleged “health centers” treating these men? Planned Parenthood is the number one source of reproductive health propaganda. There’s no stigma there. They aggressively promote unhealthy sexual behaviors among every demographic, and they boast of their increased testing and STD treatments.

[HT: Kelli; photo credit: Think Positive]

Pro-life news brief 1-4-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Paul Ryan will be the keynote speaker at the SBA List’s dinner in April.
  • At National Review, Michael New points out the statistical flaws and faulty assumptions in a recent New York Times op-ed (written by a pro-lifer) on the supposed need for pro-lifers to become more contraceptive- and Title X-friendly.
  • The New York Times has an article on an abortion hotline in Chile which is straddling the law in a country where abortion is illegal:

    In a country where abortion is entirely illegal, even in cases of rape or when a woman’s life is in danger, the hotline is a risky endeavor. Operating in a legal gray area, volunteers face a daunting prison sentence if a conversation veers too far from a lawyer-approved script. The hotline already has had three lawsuits brought against it, though all were eventually dropped.

  • Oregon businessman Mike Fink, who was angry with pro-lifers for protesting outside a Portland Planned Parenthood located next to his businesses, has organized a pro-abortion counter-protest:

    The anti-abortion protesters held large full-color signs which they say depict aborted fetuses, while other protesters loudly recited religious admonitions against abortion.

    That was largely drowned out by the group gathered in front of Guitar Grave and Mike’s Restaurant, Fink’s businesses, who chanted slogans like “Abortion is health care and health care is a right.” Fink used social media to rally support and offered free sandwiches and coffee to the counter-protesters.

    The video shows some graphic images and includes comments by an abortion proponent who thinks pro-life protests violate a woman’s right to have an abortion:

Life Links 3-8-12

web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The amended Virginia ultrasound bill has been signed by Gov. Bob McDonnell. Unsurprisingly, the AParticle about the law has this mischaracterization:The measure initially had sought to mandate a vaginally invasive form of an ultrasound, triggering a national uproar that resounded across political talk shows and TV comedy shows….

    Soon after the uproar, McDonnell had his party remove the requirement for an invasive exam through an amendment.

    Also absent from the AP article are any facts regarding how ultrasounds are already typically done before abortions.

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(Prolifer)ations 1-3-12

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Suzy B discusses Virginia’s new abortion clinic regulations which will treat them like hospitals. This ultimately makes these facilities safer for women, but while abortion proponents fearmonger about “back alley abortions” they also rail against common sense regulations and accountability to the state board of health.

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