Anti-“choice” AMA reports today that the pro-abortion American Medical Association passed a resolution yesterday at its annual meeting “saying pharmacists should be required to fill all valid prescriptions or refer patients to another pharmacy or pharmacist immediately.”
So much for choice. says the AMA action is “target[ing] Catholic and pro-life pharmacists for extinction.”
Reuters reported, “[T]he AMA included in its resolution a statement that it may seek to gain permission for doctors to dispense medications to their own patients if there is no other pharmacist within a 30-mile radius willing to fill their prescription.”
The “may” is critical, meaning this likely won’t pan out. There has been no long term testing conducted on the impact of these mega-doses of hormones on underage girls and women, and the AMA knows it. Is “willfully ignorant dispensing of medications” sueable for malpractice? We’ll likely someday see.