IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich has Gavin Newsom Syndrome. Newsom is the San Francisco mayor who defied California law and proclaimed gay residents in his city could marry.
Blagojevich, a lawyer who has admitted he surfed during Constitutional Law class, has caught the fiat bug and defied IL law and order twice now.
Last year Blagojevich defied the FDA and set up a plan for IL residents to buy drugs from Canada.
This year Blagojevich defied IL law that clearly states medical professionals are exempted from participating in work they find morally offensive and ordered pharmacists to dispense the morning after pill whether they wanted to or not.
Paul Caprio of FamilyPac has taken the latter issue on, releasing an update yesterday….
Hat tip: Pharmacists for Life

I wanted to try to give everyone a comprehensive update of key developments in the last month of our battle and where we are headed.
1) Whiteside County Suit Against Gov. Filed by AUL
Last week Ed Martin of AUL filed what we think is a very strong lawsuit against the Governor’s Emergency order in Whiteside County. The suit is being brought by a pharmacy owner of two pharmacies located in Whiteside County. The suit alleges that the Emergency order denies his right of moral conscience as a Catholic not to sell Plan B as well as his rights as an owner to determine what he sells. I like this lawsuit and Ed Martin has done an excellent job in putting it together. It may wind up before the Illinois Supreme Court
2) Walgreen’s Lies
It’s bad enough that Walgreen’s keeps selling Plan B and even advertising the drug. Now they are telling some of their outraged customers that they completely respect the right of conscience of their pharmacists to refuse to sell the drug. This is not true. We have evidence to show that they are threatening and intimidating pharmacists telling them that they must sell Plan B. We may have to consider a State-wide boycott of Walgreen’s in order to make them accurately state their policy to their many customers.
5) JAYCAR Committee Narrowly Approves Emergency Rule
By a 6-5 vote the Illinois JAYCAR Committee narrowly approved, as we expected, Blagojevich’s emergency rule. This has no significant affect on the battle or any of our court proceedings. Thank you to Catholic Conference of Illinois for their excellent testimony.
7) This is a complicated and multi-faceted battle that we’re in, but I’m more confident than ever that with your prayers and our Lord’s blessing, we’re going to win it. If we win in Illinois, a very strong message is going to be sent that 1) they cannot destroy people’s rights of conscience and 2) they cannot tell small business owners what they have to stock and sell. In Washington they tell me the nation is watching our battle here in Illinois, please pray for us.
Be not afraid.
Paul Caprio