From Citizen Link, today:
U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback believes a hearing he’s holding Thursday on Capitol Hill could eventually lead to the overturning of the Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision.
mccorv.jpgBrownback, R-Kan., will convene the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Constitution, Civil Rights and Property Rights subcommittee to examine the consequences of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the other 1970s-era Supreme Court decision that helped give America abortion on demand.
“A number of legal scholars both from the left and the right believe that Roe v. Wade is badly decided law, so we’re going to start going at the core issue of Roe and this decision,” Brownback told CitizenLink. “I believe you’ll see Roe v. Wade overturned.”
Norma McCorvey (the “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade) and Sandra Cano (“Jane Doe” of Doe v. Bolton) are expected to be witnesses at the hearing….
[Photo credit: Reuters]

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