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Blagojevich drives fiats

IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich has Gavin Newsom Syndrome. Newsom is the San Francisco mayor who defied California law and proclaimed gay residents in his city could marry. Blagojevich, a lawyer who has admitted he surfed during Constitutional Law class, has caught the fiat bug and defied IL law and order twice now. Last year Blagojevich […]

A pro-life Cannon

Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of National Review Online, writes…. Hat tip: Reader Arlene Related: “Rapper to premiere pro-life video on MTV,” 6-9-05 “Rapper’s pro-life video is booming,” 6-10-05 “Can I live?”, 6-19-05

What a difference a headline makes

The Chicago Tribune ran a story on June 20 focused on the incredibly important point: How does the morning after pill work, i.e., is it an abortifacient? The story had many refreshingly correct components, properly laying out the science of the debate. I was particularly pleased when it pointed out that pro-abortion medical organizations like […]

Colson on Rowan

Am picking up on this one late: “Culture of Death – Baby Rowan’s Story,” by Chuck Colson on Breakpoint, June 9, 2005

NY Times asks “independent” experts

New York Times, June 15 [see page two for full article, which is no longer available on the Internet without paying for it]: Studies Rebut Earlier Report on Pledges of Virginity Challenging earlier findings, two studies from the Heritage Foundation reported yesterday that young people who took virginity pledges had lower rates of acquiring sexually […]

Truth be told

From yesterday’s Herald-Mail Online in Maryland: When Hagerstown mom Angelique Bowman first spotted the posters of bloody aborted fetuses Monday afternoon as she strolled down West Washington Street holding the hands of her sons Dushion, 2, and Thavies, 5, she was shocked. “I got a little annoyed because they are so graphic,” said Bowman, 28. […]

Don’t buy cells: Investment adviser says to let taxpayers shoulder risk

Yesterday, The Motley Fool reported: … But when it comes to [private] investing, it’s best to view the subject [of embryonic stem cell research] with as much detachment as possible…. Sure, federal support may increase the chances that embryonic stem cells will yield novel treatments. But the path to success is still likely to be […]

The man who would beat King

PalmBeachPost.com reports today: Randall Terry, the anti-abortion activist who was a prominent voice in the losing battle to keep Terri Schiavo alive, said Tuesday he’s going ahead with a Republican primary challenge of state Sen. Jim King in northeast Florida. King drew the ire of social conservatives this year when he and eight other Republican […]

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