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NY Times asks “independent” experts

New York Times, June 15 [see page two for full article, which is no longer available on the Internet without paying for it]: Studies Rebut Earlier Report on Pledges of Virginity Challenging earlier findings, two studies from the Heritage Foundation reported yesterday that young people who took virginity pledges had lower rates of acquiring sexually […]

Truth be told

From yesterday’s Herald-Mail Online in Maryland: When Hagerstown mom Angelique Bowman first spotted the posters of bloody aborted fetuses Monday afternoon as she strolled down West Washington Street holding the hands of her sons Dushion, 2, and Thavies, 5, she was shocked. “I got a little annoyed because they are so graphic,” said Bowman, 28. […]

Don’t buy cells: Investment adviser says to let taxpayers shoulder risk

Yesterday, The Motley Fool reported: … But when it comes to [private] investing, it’s best to view the subject [of embryonic stem cell research] with as much detachment as possible…. Sure, federal support may increase the chances that embryonic stem cells will yield novel treatments. But the path to success is still likely to be […]

The man who would beat King

PalmBeachPost.com reports today: Randall Terry, the anti-abortion activist who was a prominent voice in the losing battle to keep Terri Schiavo alive, said Tuesday he’s going ahead with a Republican primary challenge of state Sen. Jim King in northeast Florida. King drew the ire of social conservatives this year when he and eight other Republican […]

Anti-”choice” AMA

KaiserNetwork.org reports today that the pro-abortion American Medical Association passed a resolution yesterday at its annual meeting “saying pharmacists should be required to fill all valid prescriptions or refer patients to another pharmacy or pharmacist immediately.” So much for choice. LifeSiteNews.com says the AMA action is “target[ing] Catholic and pro-life pharmacists for extinction.” Reuters reported, […]

Profitable stem cells sell

Stem cells are the future of medicine, so private investers will indeed sink money into stem cell research they believe will pay off. Witness a report in the June 27 issue of Business Week : Doctors, patients, and quite a few investors are counting on ViaCell to unlock the therapeutic promise of umbilical cord stem […]

The embryonic fountain of youth

From today’s Electric New Paper, Singapore: Australian movie stars, sportsmen and entrepreneurs alike are shelling out A$40,000 ($52,000) a pop for stem-cell treatment in China. The controversial process is illegal Down Under, so they are queuing up for this ‘fountain-of-youth’ treatment overseas…. The radical procedure that uses fertilised eggs harvested from genetically-perfect female Chinese donors […]

The President on judges and Life at today’s Southern Baptist Convention…

11:55 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: … And for the good of our legal system, I will also continue to nominate federal judges who faithfully interpret the law and do not legislate from the bench. Every judicial nominee deserves an up or down vote on the floor of the United States Senate, and I thank you […]

Animal killers vs. baby killers

The photo, left, is of a reporter holding a dead puppy and was posted in the June 18 Roanoke-Chowan News Herald, accompanying an expose that two PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) workers who were caught killing dogs and cats and throwing them in dumpsters. Why do you think the newspaper posted a […]

The new most oft-quoted verse in the Bible (and it ain’t John 3:16)

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin began her June 17 screed against pro-lifers by quoting from Jesus’ “judge not lest ye be judged” speech in Matthew 7:1-5. Marin was ticked that the American Life League publicly called Catholic Church leadership into account for handing pseudo-Catholic US Sen. Dick Durbin his communion wafer on Sunday after he […]

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womensissuesby Kelli

Forty years later, having won most of their early battles, the current “women’s issue” crowd now maintains there’s a war on us that won’t end until we can obtain contraception and abortion without so much as a co-payment even for women who can afford an education at Georgetown, and it must be paid for even by people who have always maintained conscientious objection.

Meanwhile, many of us have refused to assimilate, though we rarely hold press conferences about it. Bearing the wounds of the sexual revolution, we think, for our daughters’ sakes, there’s still room for discussion. Abortion and contraception (free at last, or mostly) aren’t the best we have to offer our girls….

We think the abortion-contraception damsel in distress dirge is unworthy of us, and quite disingenuous coming from women perfectly able to pay.

Our “women’s issue” sisters may be admirable for their tenacity in defining the debate, but they do not define us. We take issue with their version of “women’s issues” and we can speak for ourselves.

~ Peggy Haslar, The Pueblo Chieftain, July 26

[HT: Jill; photo via capecodcounselor.net]

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