The National Organization for Women recently posted an Emergency Alert with the headline, “Bush Picks Anti-Roe Nominee… Women’s Lives on the Line.”
In the alert, NOW included the photos of four women it said “are the faces of women who died because they could not obtain safe and legal abortions,” below, the obvious inference being that a Supreme Court reversal of Roe will cause women’s deaths.
faces (2).jpg
First, a reversal of Roe will only take the abortion decision back to the states, not outlaw abortion.
Second, if deaths from illegal abortions were so prevalent, why did NOW have to search back to 1929 to find one (Duvall) and 1940 for another (Shirley)?
The third, Becky Bell, died in 1988 – when abortion was legal. NOW championed Becky because she was 17 at the time of her death, and Indiana, where Becky lived, had recently passed a parental notification law. Even so, Becky could have obtained a legal abortion. All that said, the post-mortem report showed Becky died from pneumonia, not related to any abortion. In fact, that she even obtained an abortion in the first place is disputed, both by her best friend and also by the medical findings.
NOW’s fourth example is Rosie Jiminez. Jiminez also died after abortion was legal, in 1979. Pro-aborts blame her death on the Hyde Amendment, which banned taxpayer funding for Medicaid abortions. Pro-aborts blame us for not paying for Jiminez’s abortion rather than themselves for not extending “charity” to Jiminez. Furthermore, pro-aborts admit Jiminez died with a $700 scholarship check in her pocket that she “chose” not to use to procure a so-called “safe” abortion.
NOW’s latter two examples would also make the point that legal access to abortion has not stopped bottom-bottom feeding abortionists (legal abortions being the bottom-feeders) from preying on desperate mothers.
Are you sure you want to go there, NOW?

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