In the race to replace retiring pro-life IL Congressman Henry Hyde, The Hill reported yesterday that Republican contenders, state Senators Peter Roskam and Carole Pankau, are separated primarily by one issue:

Pankau has portrayed herself as a centrist, female alternative to the more conservative Roskam, who once worked for Hyde and considers himself the heir apparent to the congressman.
Matt Leffingwell, a spokesman for the Illinois Republican Party, said the major dividing line between Pankau and Roskam was the issue of abortion, with Pankau for and Roskam against abortion rights.

How disappointing. As a state rep. and senator, Pankau has always voted pro-life, but she now thinks abortion is the issue to end her financial woes and gain momentum? How quickly she forgets….
In 2002, then GOP IL Lieutenant Gov. Corinne Wood ran as a pro-abort against two pro-lifers for governor and came in third. In 2004, Republican John Borling ran as the only pro-abort for IL US senator in a field of eight and came in 6th.
Oh, well. I expect pro-abort groups will contribute – better toward a sinking ship than elsewhere.

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