I received the following informative note from reader Petrina:
As a Type I diabetic for 43+ years since age 9, I applaud your article
about the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
. I want a cure for diabetes, but not one derived from embryonic stem cells. Last year, the JDRF raised $85 million and spent $1 million in California lobbying for embryonic stem cell research (not exactly what people expected, I’m sure, when they gave their dollars for research to find a cure for diabetes!).
What is even more disgraceful is that JDRF refuses to fund Dr. Denise Faustman’s research in Boston.
Iacocca.jpgDr. Faustman, whose research so far has been funded by the Iacocca Foundation [Jill note: Lee Iacocca, pictured right, refuses to allow his foundation to fund embryonic stem cell research], has been the first to cure diabetes in mice by stopping the autoimmune process that destroys the insulin-producing cells, and she didn’t use embryonic stem cells. The beta cells regenerated in these mice and the mice were cured of diabetes, with no need for islet cell transplants or anti-rejection drugs!
Faustman has FDA approval to do human clinical trials to see if this will cure diabetes in people, but the JDRF won’t give her one red cent. They are more interested in promoting embryonic stem cell research than they are in curing diabetes!
Lee Iacocca is trying to raise the $11 million needed to do the clinical trials in humans. He knows the tragedy of diabetes because his wife died from diabetes complications in the early 1980’s. Please let your readers know about this very hopeful diabetes research, and ask them to help make it happen by giving donations to Join Lee Now. They can read more about it at and at www.iacoccafoundation.org.
If we can cure diabetes in a morally acceptable way, we can put the JDRF out of business, which is not what they want.

Mr. Iacocca was on ABC’s This Week yesterday discussing his involvement with diabetes stem cell research.

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