I blogged the other day that pro-aborts have discovered a winning angle in the emergency contraceptive controversy: tying together birth control pills and ECs.
They say, and rightfully so, that if a pharmacist and/or pharmacy have no moral problem dispensing birth control pills, they cannot claim to have a problem dispensing ECs on the grounds that they are abortifacients. Both are comprised of female hormones that perform the same actions, one of which may be to stop a week-old embryo from implanting in the uterus. ECs just carry higher doses of the hormone(s).
There are other safety and health reasons with ECs, but the abortifacient angle is invalid if a pharmacist/y dispense BC pills.
This is not only a wedge issue for pro-lifers but a turn-off to the public. We must deal with it. Pro-aborts have obviously developed a nationwide strategy for normalizing ECs. The same talking points are in newspapers almost everyday as are attempts around the country to force ECs on pharmacies. The latest is in today’s Houston Chronicle. The Austin City Council just agreed to force pharmacies to dispense both BC pills and ECs.

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