The UK is debating whether to lower its abortion limit from the current 24 weeks.
The Daily Mail reports today that Britain’s leading abortion provider has conducted a study that shows – shock – abortion needs to remain legal throughout the first six months of pregnancy.
The reasons given indicate that most of England’s late term aborting mothers are stupid:

  • “For the majority of women taking part in the study, the signs and symptoms of pregnancy were not recognised until an advanced stage.” [So the morning sickness, disappearing menstruation, extreme tiredness, breast tenderness and engorgement, widening girth, and increasing abdominal movements were due to… ?]
  • “A minority of those taking part were aware of their pregnancy early on, but either ‘in denial’ or forced to change their minds about having the baby by a change of circumstances.” [We are talking about babies who are viable or 2-3 weeks from viability. Mothers who “change theirs minds” at this point could terminate their pregnancies with liveborn results.]
  • “One woman told how her partner beat her with a baseball bat when he discovered she was pregnant. It was at that point she decided not to have the child.” [So she decided to treat her “child” worse than the way she was treated – to dismember and kill her or him – so as to maintain a baseball bat relationship with the guy who beat her?]

Now we have the “stupidity exception”?

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